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Energy Boost Mixing

If you want to give your dance floor a quick burst of excitement at any point in your set, an energy-boosting mix is the way to do it. This happens when you mix into a key that is one or two semitones higher than your current key. For example, if you are in C minor, your next key should be D-flat major (one semitone), or D minor (two semitones, or one whole tone). Going from C to D (two semitones) is the best mix.

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To go up one semitone using the Camelot Wheel, just add seven to the number of your current track. For example, if you’re playing a song in E-flat minor (2A), you’ll need to mix it into a song in E minor (9A). To go up two semitones, just add two to your current Camelot number, so if you’re in C minor (5A), add two and you’ll get D minor (7A). When you play your next tune in 7A, you’ll experience an energy-boost mix.