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Gadgets - CDJ 100s

In 1998, Pioneer introduced the first “bedroom model” of the CDJ lineup. The 100S (this time, the “S” stands for “Silver”) ditched the top-loading CD tray for a front-loading slot… a design which has continued to this day. The 100S introduced three onboard sound effects (Jet, Zip, and Wah). Outside of this, the 100S was a very basic and cheap model intended for home use (notice the lack of loop controls, for example).

This model was superseded by the CDJ-200, and then the CDJ-350, as the lower-end model. After some while, the CDJ-100 was not only used by the home-dj but also by lots of rental companies and club installations. The CDJ-100 was the first reliable CD player that had a foolproof anti-shock system.

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American Model only: Digital Output

The CDJ-100s made for the American market is slightly different than the model that is being produced for the European market. The American model has a digital output on the backside, this feature is missing on the European version.

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* Media format: CD, CD-R/RW
* Tempo control: +10%/-16%
* Pitch Resolution: .10%
* Frequency Response: 4Hz – 20kHz
* Signal to Noise Ratio: 96 dB or more
* Power Supply: AC 220-240V, 50/60Hz
* Dimensions: 217 x 91 x 297 mm
* Net Weight: 2.2 kg


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