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How To: Using Platinum Notes with Mixed In Key and Your DJ Software

For DJs, Platinum Notes and Mixed In Key offer the ultimate one-two punch. Both enable working DJs to analyze and enhance their music libraries in minutes.

Start with Platinum Notes and make your tracks sound perfect: Eliminate clipping, add warmth, and ensure consistent volumes throughout your library. Then, analyze your newly created PN files in Mixed In Key: Add the most accurate key, tempo and energy level data to each tracks tags.

What’s even better: Both softwares are designed to be quickly integrated in your favorite DJ software, including Serato, Traktor, Ableton Live and Pioneer DJ Rekordbox.

Fortunately, getting started is a breeze.

Here’s an easy-to-follow workflow for using Platinum Notes and Mixed In Key with your favorite DJ software:

1. Prep Platinum Notes
Before you start processing files in Platinum Notes, create an “output folder.” Navigate to the “Personalize” menu after launching the app. This is important. If you don’t create a new folder, all of your processed tracks will be saved in the same folder as your original files.

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2. Make Your Tracks Sound Great
Process your tracks in Platinum Notes. PN is designed to make all types of files – including Beatport and iTunes music, or even WAV files – sound incredible. Platinum Notes fixes clipping, allows you to add studio quality effects, and standardizes volumes for your entire library. Just drag your library into PN – and let it work its magic.

3. Prep Your Library for iTunes and Your DJ Software
Your processed tracks have “_PN” added to the title. So backup your originals and then remove them from your library. Then, drag your new files into your DJ software. It’s that simple.

4. Personalize Your Mixed In Key
Before you get started analyzing your music, personalize how Mixed In Key’s tags will appear in your DJ app. Select the “Personalize” menu. You have a range of options: You can choose to have the Key, BPM or Energy Level of each track displayed in the comments or in the “Key” column in your DJ software.

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To display in the comments: Choose “Update Common Tags,” then select “What to Right” and “Where to Write It” i.e. “overwrite comments” or “in front of the comments.”

To display in the Key Column: Select “Update Custom ‘initial key’ tag”

5. Analyze Your Music
Drop your library into Mixed In Key and get started. Mixed In Key gives you world’s most accurate key, tempo and energy level data. Use key data during your sets for immaculate Harmonic Mixing. Or tap Energy Level data for Energy Level or Energy Boost mixing.

6. Clean Up Your ID3 Tags

You can instantly clean up all the junk in your ID3 tags. Your playlists in iTunes, Serato, Traktor, rekordbox and all other DJ software will look perfect afterwards

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7. Build a DJ Set That Has the Crowd Jumping
There you have it. Your tracks sound perfect, thanks to Platinum Notes. And you have the best key, BPM and energy level data at your fingertips. Now – put some advanced DJ techniques to work including Harmonic Mixing, Power Block Mixing and Energy Boost Mixing.

See! It’s that simple. Now you can start getting maximum use out of Platinum Notes and Mixed In Key and take your mixing to the next level.

Happy DJing.