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Mixed In Key 8.1.1557 Update (Windows)

October is here and we've got another big update for you. This time, our Windows users get all the changes and improvements from the list below. All of this would not have happened without our customers helping us! Thank you!!

If you need us, you can find us at @MixedInKey on Twitter or on Facebook at facebook.com/MixedInKey. If you have questions or need support, just shoot us an email @ contact@mixedinkey.com and we'll point you in the right direction.


  • Drastically improved tag loading times for AIFF files.
  • Fixed issues with column sorting in the tag editor.
  • Fixed null pointer exception.
  • Fixed bug where multiple search matches in a single string was only showing a single highlight, instead of all occurrences.
  • Fixed bug where search highlight would disappear after editing a tag..
  • Binding to TextBlock text was getting cleared when using Inlines to implement text highlight, now binding is saved to another dependency property when behavior object gets attached.
  • Fixed bug where displayed text in a tag editor cell would not get updated when text was set to null or empty string.
  • Fixes to tag editor lazy artwork loading.
  • Added lock around tag loading/saving, so they don't conflict.
  • Initial work on loading tag editor artwork in background thread, to speed up scrolling.
  • Moved album artwork loading from Song class to QueuedFile class.
  • Implemented lazy artwork loading for collection view, with cache.
  • Removed temporary test line for disabling AIFF file tag reading.
  • Keep a copy of all EditableTrackTagsModel objects, so that switching between playlist in tag editor will not lose previously edited tag changes.
  • Fixed bug where 'Analyze some files..' message would be displayed in tag editor, whilst file tags are being read.
  • Support tag reading cancellation if selected playlist is changed.
  • In tag editor, perform database query to filter just songs in selected playlist/energy range.
  • Fixed incorrect songs being displayed due to threading issues when switching between playlists in collection view, whilst a playlist is still loading.
  • Fixed crash if search terms changed when there are no tracks show yet in tag editor.
  • Handle exception thrown in DropTargetInsertionAdorner.OnRender
  • Check for SelectedFile being null
  • Improved speed of deleting large number of songs in a playlist, and show a progress dialog.
  • Fixed exception which can be thrown when deleting songs from a playlist.
  • Improved speed of RemoveFromCollections method, when there are a lot of songs to delete that belong to a playlist.
  • Fixed exception in MusicLibraryListViewModel.SelectedListItem.
  • Update tag editor view by reloading tags when retagging takes place.
  • Write to database after retagging, so songs in collection view immediately reflect the update tags settings.
  • Limit concurrency of retagging and analysis, to prevent huge queue of database updates that finish far in the future, which blocks tag editor and collection view from reading the database.
  • Enable dynamic updates on Song table, so a single field can be updated rather than all columns.
  • Fixed issue where 'Loading..' is shown indefinitely when selecting retag multiple times in quick succession.
  • Improved speed of loading collection / tag editor views by only loading library collections if really required.
  • Prevent unnecessary data loading when switching to Tag Editor.
  • Fix for when changing update tag settings and retagging twice in quick succession, some songs have old settings.
  • Updated reference to vc redist.
  • Updated VC redistributable with latest version, 2015 update 3.
  • Fix for 'Object reference not set to instance of an object' when adding a file.
  • Changed the way that analysis/retagging operations are processed and queued, to make it easier to add 'delete exported cue points' action.
  • Fixed incorrect cue point count in song collection cue points column.
  • Added 'Processing' queued file status.
  • Fix for 'Object reference not set to instance of an object' when adding a file.
  • Crash on startup if traktor database has been deleted/moved/renamed.
  • Key and other tags are updated in Tag editor when a tag is changed from somewhere else, e.g. piano.
  • Fixed reading/writing of energy level tags in Id3v2 tag manipulator.
  • Added missing RemoveExportedCuePointsMessage class.
  • Implement ability to delete exported cue points, via song right click context menu.
  • Fixed bug where after analysis, some songs can show up without a key.
  • Fixed edge case where 'Analyze song' would do nothing if song is already in analysis queue but hasn't actually been analyzed.
  • Fixed processing getting stuck on key detection when more than 8 songs are queued for analysis.
  • Fixed incorrect cue point count in song collection cue points column.
  • Fixed issue where if MIK crashed during startup, the report wasn't being sent out.
  • On application shutdown, call Shutdown() on the audio engine to prevent C++ exception during shutdown.
  • Handle and report any unmanaged C++ exceptions.