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Mixerman’s 10 Steps to Better Mixing

Aside from our regular articles with tips on various topics related to the music world, we will also be sharing tips on great books that you can read to further your knowledge on specific areas. This week, we will start with the classic Zen and the Art of Mixing

Mixing is an integral part of music production. Even if you don't mix your own music, it's important to understand all the underlying concepts that go into a great mix. Zen and the Art of Mixing teaches you how to think about mixing. If you change how you think about mixing, you’ll be well on your way to learning how to mix.

Here is a list of "steps" the author gives you to reach "Mixing Enlightenment":

  1. Mixing is an attitude.

  2. If the song sucks, the mix is irrelevant.

  3. Working the room, keeping people happy and relaxed, is half of mixing successfully.

  4. Putting everything proportional in a mix is going to make for a shitty mix.

  5. Gear used on a mix are tools that will make your life either easier or more difficult; they are not what makes a mix good or bad.

  6. A mix can be great and not have great sound.

  7. If the mix doesn’t somehow, and in some way, annoy someone in the room, the mix likely isn’t done.

  8. Mixing cannot be taught; it can only be learned.

  9. The overall vibe of the track is much more important than any individual part.

  10. Just because a part was recorded doesn’t mean it needs to be in the mix.

  11. Be aggressive! (Oops, that’s 11!)

If you are into music production, this is an essential read. You will thank us later ;)


Zen and the Art of Mixing