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New features in Odesi: Loosen up your beats

As always, our developers are hard at work keeping our programs up to date and bringing you the latest features. Here's what's new in our latest update of Odesi 2.0:

  • Improved Performance - You can now smoothly create and edit projects up to 128 measures long.

  • Brand New Grid Design- Zoom in for a more detailed beat grid allowing for precision editing as small as 1/64 of a beat.

  • Pitch Hint - A small hint dialog box that appears next to the drum cursor displaying pitch and instrument type. This can be turned off in the options dialog box

  • Enable/Disable snap to grid - Get crazy and go off the grid!! You can now disable the snap to grid function to make your beats as wonky as you desire.

  • Several General Bug Fixes - Thank you for your feedback, bug reports, feature requests, and your continued support.

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