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Odesi Major Update!

We have just released a major Odesi update for you.

You will find the full changelog below, but here are 2 new features you should definitely check it out:

1) Two modes of recording - overwrite and overdub

2) Magic recording - Buffer that “remembers” what you played recently, and lets you record “after” you already did it, so you will never lose your ideas again :) Just play some buttons on your computer keyboard and you'll hear the notes playing in your current key and scale. Once you come up with a catchy hook, press a special hotkey to save your idea. It's like recording without the stress. Just practice until you get a perfect take, and save your idea when it sounds great

[ODESI-957] - Implement overdub recoding option
[ODESI-958] - Implement looped recoding (when loop is on)
[ODESI-959] - Implement hidden (magic) recording (when explicit recording is off)
[ODESI-962] - Volume sliders need to have a curve applied to them (Windows)
[ODESI-963] - Volume sliders need to have a curve applied to them (Mac)
[ODESI-965] - Volume sliders need to have a curve applied to them (Web)
[ODESI-970] - Note editing enhancements
[ODESI-989] - (Windows) Set midi-keyboard loop awarness in clients (send message)
[ODESI-994] - Change the volume slider display and default track volume
[ODESI-998] - Add parameter to toggle - Loop Midi On/Off Events Timestamp (macclient)
[ODESI-999] - Make context menu top corners rounded
[ODESI-1001] - (Mac) Set midi-keyboard loop awarness in clients (send message)
[ODESI-1002] - Change filter effect to apply -24dB slope instead of -12dB slope
[ODESI-1003] - Invalid draw call in pencil-mode toggle leads to multiple console/sentry errors
[ODESI-1010] - Draw magically recorded notes
[ODESI-1011] - Implement magic recording while playback is on with MixerTimer
[ODESI-1014] - Magic recording
[ODESI-1022] - Turn grid-snap label into checkbox
[ODESI-1032] - Magic recording, paste: don't allow to small notes, 1/32 or 1/64 is minimum
[ODESI-1033] - Track users action of commiting Magic notes
[ODESI-1034] - Auto-select just pasted magic notes
[ODESI-946] - If instruments update finishes on startup before initial VST scan is complete, WebApp thinks Odesi is running from a browser (WinClient).
[ODESI-961] - Volume adjustments made by Yakov are not applied to Drum instruments (Mac)
[ODESI-975] - Loop Doesn't Appear As Enabled When Recording
[ODESI-976] - Yakov - Clicking Space To Playback Recorded Notes Doesn't Work
[ODESI-977] - Gen Notes Muted When Toggling Overdub On And Off
[ODESI-980] - Import Midi File Doesn't Work 1st Time When Setting Key Manually
[ODESI-983] - Playhead Isn't Placed Where You Click In Beatgrid
[ODESI-985] - Converted Midi Melody Notes Can't Be Selected Under Chords
[ODESI-986] - Chord Drawing Issue
[ODESI-988] - Note Overlap Selection
[ODESI-990] - Early loaded template causes console errors (gridSnapEnabled prop)
[ODESI-993] - Recording Only Records Over Currently Selected Layer
[ODESI-995] - Scrolled To Notes Aren't Visible Until After Recording
[ODESI-1000] - Manually Drawn Notes Reappear After Recording
[ODESI-1004] - Deleting Notes Selected By Dragging Doesn't Work Correctly (regression)
[ODESI-1005] - Metronome Doesn't Work Beyond Count-In And Downbeat (regression)
[ODESI-1007] - No Sound After Loop Cycles From End To Beginning (regression)
[ODESI-1008] - Still Seeing Deleted Drawn Notes After Shifting
[ODESI-1009] - Shifting Gens Makes Causes UI To Go Haywire
[ODESI-1012] - Midi Keyboard Crash And No Sound
[ODESI-1013] - Some ASIO devices don't show a slider for changing latency - WinClient
[ODESI-1031] - Wrong paste position after magic-recording in playback-on mode
[ODESI-971] - Note should be movable if it wasn't from current layer from the very first click
[ODESI-972] - Moving unsnapped note to one side simetimes makes the note jump to other side
[ODESI-973] - Grid-snap disabled should also affect note resizing
[ODESI-974] - Toggle Grid-snap by CTRL(CMD)-4 hotkey combination
[ODESI-979] - Scroll to the first recorded note
[ODESI-987] - When playing invalid pitches on midi-keyboard notes do not appear
[ODESI-991] - Highlight notes while selecting
[ODESI-992] - Multinote selector should maintain distance to gridline while moving
[ODESI-1015] - Handle notes on edge of loop (shorter duration)
[ODESI-1016] - Add popover for magic recording (save as hidden option)
[ODESI-1017] - Implement magic-recording for Midi-keyboard
[ODESI-1018] - Ensure there's no interference with usual recording
[ODESI-1019] - MagicRec: Do not redraw all canvas (only at the end of the loop)
[ODESI-1020] - Add multiple keyboard shortcuts
[ODESI-1021] - When playback is off recording should start after N seconds of silence
[ODESI-1023] - Add recording delay adjustment (as in usual recording)
[ODESI-1028] - Midi-keyboard out-of-scale notes should trigger rows recalculation