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Odesi 3.7 - 3.9 Updates

It's been a busy week for us here at Mixed In Key. Our developers released 3 updates for Odesi in the last five days!!

Here is the complete changelog for our newest updated version. Enjoy it :)

[ODESI-1035] - Grid-snap label is yellow in some platforms
[ODESI-1037] - Extend project length with respect to magically recorded notes
[ODESI-1038] - Move (scroll) to first magic recorded note
[ODESI-1045] - MagicRec: Notes in different octaves behave differently (MAC)
[ODESI-1048] - With loop enabled redraw is broken when zooming (MAC)
[ODESI-955] - Adding Midi Tracks To Project Makes Audio Layer Disappear
[ODESI-1036] - MagicRec: Playback on+loop enabled positions notes wrong
[ODESI-1056] - Zoom-Duplication Issue
[ODESI-1043] - Allow playback for empty project
[ODESI-1044] - Change behavior for Esc (delete after MagicNotes commited)
[ODESI-1047] - Support undo to clear magic notes before they're commited
[ODESI-1051] - Don't play tails of notes in last measure
[ODESI-1052] - Computer Keyboard Range Is Not Complete
[ODESI-1053] - Quantize Dropdown Options Not Available After Magic Rec Auto-select
[ODESI-1054] - Magic Recording Doesn't Work In Folded View Correctly
[ODESI-1055] - Magic Notes Unexpectedly Deleted During Looping
[ODESI-1046] - Add option to on/off space behavior to commit magic notes
[ODESI-1049] - Repair L and CMD+L responsiveness
[ODESI-1067] - Do not allow to move magic notes with playhead
[ODESI-1072] - Enable pencil when playback is on
[ODESI-1079] - Repair tab behavior (should stop recording or countdown immediately)
[ODESI-1064] - Magic Recording Not In Place After Audio Added
[ODESI-1078] - Improve note resize area, hittest and cursor
[ODESI-1077] - Repair large jump when moving unquantized note
[ODESI-1050] - Change add-note behavior - do not delete old, fit in
[ODESI-1042] - Auto-zoom-out during magic rec, when required
[ODESI-1074] - Resizing and Moving loop breaks MagicRecording
[ODESI-1075] - MagicNotes drawing performance (queued Redraw Calls?)
[ODESI-1076] - Support undo for MagicRecording for each loop during playback