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Odesi Composition Tips: Ten Tips for New Producers

Getting started making music can be hard, but Odesi can help you overcome some of Music Production's most common obstacles. Here are some tips I've put together for those who are new to Odesi and Music Production.

1) Build your chord progression first

While everyone's workflow is different, this can be a great tip If you are feeling stuck and unsure where to begin. The chord progression is what provides the general feel and mood of your song. Getting this laid down can be a huge inspiration booster and I often find the rest of my track will flow into place afterward.

2) You don't have to do it alone

Odesi makes collaborating with friends and colleagues a breeze. You can invite your team to join Odesi, or share your project with them directly. No need to switch between DAWs or bouncing countless audio files for email. You can also export your file as an audio player, that can be posted on social media and has options that let friends and colleagues download the audio or MIDI files for your track.

3) Repetition is Key...But not too much

Repeating phrases in your melody is important. Repetition helps make your song "stick" in your listener's mind and makes your song sound "Catchy." The problem is too much repetition will cause ear fatigue and your listeners will lose interest in your song. What's the best way to combat this? I suggest using our Call and Response Generator. This will do a lot of the heavy lifting of creating a catchy melody while giving you complete control to add your own personal flare. Another way to break up the monotony of repetition is by copying and pasting your phrase and changing the last note in your new phrase. This keeps a sense of repetition and throws something in that's unexpected, keeping your listeners attention in your track.

4) Change the Key

Are you having a hard time getting your track to evoke the feeling you were looking for? Try changing the key. Different keys evoke different emotions and give your track a whole new feel.

5) Change the Key type

OK, So this is just like the last one, but I believe this is passed over too often. You can also try a new key type like Mixolydian, Dorian or Lydian. Many Eastern styles of music use different key signatures, rather than just Major or Minor. This can really add a unique sound to your track.

6) Leave the effects for later

Sure, leads sound great with a little reverb our delay, but a lot of productive time can be wasted obsessively turning effects knobs. By the time you come back to creating content, your bassline idea has left your mind completely. Get your ideas down first while they are fresh in your mind. Then you can have some fun tweaking effects and polishing your sound.

7) Utilize your vault

Your vault is a vital tool for streamlining your productivity. Make a cool sounding melody that just doesn't work for this track? Save it to your vault so you can bring it back in your next project. Never again do your ideas have to disappear into the ether.

8) Hide finished or unused Tracks In Odesi

After putting some progress into your masterpiece, the number of tracks and individual notes may get a little overwhelming. Luckily In Odesi, you can hide finished or unused tracks from your computer screen, while still allowing you to hear the content. This way, you can visually focus on the tracks you are still working on, while still listening to the whole track.

9) Record your own melodies

Odesi comes with tons of free MIDI loops and rhythm templates that are all royalty-free and ready to use. However, if you want to really stand out from the crowd, you should try recording your own custom rhythms. Just hook up any standard MIDI controller to your computer, select your controller in your settings in Odesi and you're ready to record.

10) Create your own sound

Whenever I read an interview with a famous producer and they are asked: "What's your top tip for new producers?" They all say the same thing. If you really want to get noticed, you have to get involved in sound design. Odesi lets you use your own VSTs so you can design your own custom leads, chords, and bass sounds, elevating your track above the pack.

What are your top tips and tricks for Odesi? Let us know in the comments on our facebook!

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