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Stranger Things Remix FREE DOWNLOAD!

I am not sure about you guys, but we are very excited about the new Stranger Things 2. And, what to say about the main theme song? It’s just amazing, right?

Here are some cool facts that you probably didn’t know about it:

  1. The Duffer brothers found the composers, Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, on the internet.
  2. Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein previously had music in a film called The Guest, and the synth sound was something that drew the Duffers to them.
  3. Over 13 hours of music for the show have been written for the show by Michael and Kyle
  4. Michael and Kyle were two members of an Austin synth band called SURVIVE
  5. “Stranger Things” soundtrack was released in two volumes: the first was released digitally on Friday, Aug. 12 (Sept. 16 on CD) and the second released digitally a week later on Aug. 19 (Sept. 23 on CD).

In fact, we separated a very cool FREE DOWNLOAD remix of the theme song for you to play at your gigs this weekend ;)

Here is the original song:

Enjoy it!


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