Hi.I have Mac.i analyzed files from external hdd in thats fine.but in Traktor Pro they dont appear.the keys.i did check consistency but nothing is showing.can anyone help with advice.Janis.

Chad (MIK Mod)

You can find a troubleshooting guide for this type of issue here.

If you don't find your answer there, follow the instructions in the last step to send me a file so I can see what is going on with the file.




i was looking in these tags but couldnt find i wana use my songs from external device.they work fine with MIK.but when i wana see keys in traktor the dont appear.i did check consistency many times but nothing so far.there must be some solution.its have to work somehow.i have a mac and i dont wana use iTunes.hope for help!


Chad (MIK Mod)

Please refer back to the troubleshooting guide and read all of the steps:

Check to see what file format the files are. Only certain file types can be tagged and read in your DJ software, the most commonly file types that have full tagging support are MP3, MP4/M4A/AAC, FLAC, and AIFF (coming soon).

Check to make sure that the files you analyzed in MIK are the same ones in your DJ software and not a separate copy of the files. You can drag and drop files from most DJ apps directly into MIK.

If you had file renaming turned on in MIK, you won't be able to refresh the tags in your music library software. When MIK renames the files, your library software will have the incorrect file name, and the files will need to be reimported or the filenames changed back to their original state. To correct this please select all of the files in MIK's Browse Collection panel, right click on the selection, and choose "Remove Keys from Filename." You should also turn off the file renaming option to prevent this from happening again.

The files might be stored in a folder that is read only, or the files themselves might be set to read only. Right click one of the files that isn't updating in your DJ software and check to make sure that read&write permissions are enabled. Another easy way to test this is to drag a file onto your desktop and analyze it from there, then add it back to your DJ software. If it then works, the problem lies in the folder containing your music files.

If you are using Traktor, note that the 'check consistency' menu option is only found if you are browser files in Traktor's collections. If you are looking at the files in the iTunes playlists in Traktor or Serato software products, the files need to be updated first in iTunes. Note that the key will not show in the Key column if you are browsing iTunes playlists in Traktor or Serato because iTunes does not have a Key field. You have to use the comments field or import the files into Traktor or Serato collections if you want to use the Key column in those programs.

If you are using .m4a (AAC or ALAC) or .mp4 files and you don't see the key in the Key field of Serato you probably need to update your Serato software.

If you've checked the above troubleshooting guide and still don't see your keys in your music library, please upload one of the files that you have analyzed but isn't showing it's key to, send the download link to and we will take a look at it. Also, please include a brief description with the file so that we will know what the file is in regards to. The more information you can provide the better the chance of finding a quick solution. Things like where you had MIK write the key, what software you are trying to view the key results in, and what version the software is are all helpful.


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