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Jonesy DJ

Hey guys,
I can;t find Metabliss anywhere!
I've moved laptops and need the installer again.
I own it BTW.
Also how come you guys make it so hard for this stuff?
why can all my products be connected to my account so I can just grab them when I need them?
It's such a pain in the ass!



You can retrieve new download links from our recovery site at https://www.mixedinkey.com/recovery

Please let me know if you run into any trouble.

Tim (Mixed In Key)


Hey Tim,

I have the same problem ! When I have entered my email in the recovery windows, i have received another digital download link for Mixed In Key Mashup but I needed Metabliss ! Can you help me please ?


I have the same. I get all the downloads except the one from Meta Bliss.


If you want to re-install your software, you can click here to recover your download links and your VIP Codes.

If you have any other tech support questions, email us at contact@mixedinkey.com