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James Araujo - MIK Team

The fastest way to recover your license is to enter your email address on this webpage.

You can use your license on all of your personal computers as long as they run the same OS platform (all Mac or all Windows).

For those wishing to transfer the license to a different operating system we have several options:

We can switch the Mixed In Key license for you at no charge, but it will no longer be valid for the original operating system. This policy has been relaxing for more recent releases such as Platinum Notes 4, Flow8 Deck, and Odesi, which we provide a license for both OS with a single license.

If you only want to purchase one license, you can always use the tagged files on any computer and still view the results in your favorite DJ app.

If you need a license switched to a different operating system please write contact@mixedinkey.com. For the quickest response please include the email address, VIP Code and name that the software was originally purchased with. We will send you the download link and VIP code as soon as we have more information.

Note: We currently have a great deal on our Master Collection suite with a 51% discount. It includes links to both platforms (MAC/Windows). So, you will be all set with the purchase ;) It's a limited time deal, so don't wait too long. If you already own some of our products, email us at contact@mixedinkey.com and ask for your custom offer.


Hi. for two weeks I'm trying to get my vip code from you, but I have not got any answer yet ...

Michael G. Booking Dj

Hello, I bought mixedinkey 8 and now the "master suite" but i can't activate it during you don't accept my current emailadress. I paid with PayPal. Please answer me as soon as possible. Thanks Michael


If you want to re-install your software, you can click here to recover your download links and your VIP Codes.

If you have any other tech support questions, email us at contact@mixedinkey.com