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James Araujo - MIK Team


We are excited to share our newest development: Captain Plugins - Brand-new VSTs for music composition.

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Write your own chord progressions, catchy hooks, and basslines. Create your own beats. Speed up your music production. Learn from the community of other musicians who have written great songs.

Best of all? You can do all this inside your DAW!!

Learn more about the plugins.

There are 4 more plugins coming soon. If you own a Captain Plugins license, you'll get them automatically, for free.


Sorry if this has already been discussed, but is this compatible within Reason's VST implementation? I don't recall Reason supporting plugins that required Midi-Out capabilities. Just curious. I LOVE Odesi, but was very curious if this could be a quick shortcut to bring that same awesomeness into Reason :)


Only captain chords and captain play for windows..this is not fare...please tell me when you guys going to release captain deep ,captain melody and other to windows version..i am waiting for so long...


i am unable to pay director to mixed in key from my paypal acc..it showing some bank issue..so please give ur any indian acc number or any other paypal acc so that i can buy captain plugins


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