How are you going to market to me in the email that I will have a discount if I get the "Master Collection" for $49 when I have all your updated products except for one, Odesi 3? And then saying I can get all the upgrades, shouldn't that come with what I already paid? -insulted

Sounds like I chumped into paying for than I should have.

James Araujo - MIK Team

Hey there,

If you already have all our products, then you are all set to go :)

Odesi 3 is a free upgrade from Odesi 2 and 1, so you should have the latest version for that as well.

The custom discount is created by our system. Can you please shoot us an email at with the VIP Codes for your products?

I will check our database to see what's going on with the other upgrades.


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