I just purchased this software. within 20 mins of testing it, I had more than 8 crashes.
Im using this with Logic Pro X

sometimes while selecting a "RYTHM" it just stops working. I have to delete the plugin from the track and launch it again.
Another issue which is really basic, is that this software does not work in 6/8 or 3/4 time signature. its still playing the Rhythm as in 4/4 which.

teh idea is good, but its not working.

Any stable version yet? otherwise it's worthless.

James Araujo - MIK Team

I am sorry to hear about that, Nima.

I've already processed the refund you requested via email.


Having used this software for as little as 8 hours, i have to say that it is very unstable.

The following things happen a lot...

  • causes Midi Panic
  • deep wont connect to chords,
  • causes entire track to output nothing
  • resets pattern in use

You really need to get decent documentation up ASAP so people can understand the correct process for setting it up, so they can at least figure out if its working as expected or not.

Also, a list of known issues would be a great help so we at least know what to expect.


I wonder what is going on. I used it most the day yesterday in Logic without any crashes


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