joel frame

I literally have just downloaded MIK and the first thing I looked for (and was missing) was the star ratings of my tracks. Are they completely missing from the software?

Not all songs are equal. I use the star rating system to prioritise my tracks. Surely others do to?

Either its there, but I can't see it - or it needs to be added!

Please advise.

And one other thing - how do you search this forum?
I can't see a search button anywhere...

James Araujo - MIK Team

Hey Joel,

We do still have the Rating Column :)

Please go to MIK Settings -> Display Option -> and make sure to check the "Rating" box.

Let me know how it goes.

In regards to "Search" function, we will definitely keep it in mind to add it to the Forums soon. I agree that it's very helpful :)

joel frame

Hi James,
I have looked for that check box, but it is just not there!
Please take a look at this screenshot:


joel frame

Any thoughts on this?


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