Hello people! I'm really enjoying Captain Chords, I'm a mixing & mastering engineer but in my free time I like to compose music and this software is helping me a lot after lot of time not touching a midi keyboard other than tunning vocals. I have checked that if you use a midi controller (Akai MPD/APK, M-Audio KeyStation) you can play individual notes, but I haven't found any way to play chords with it, only with the mac keyboard. Also haven't found any way to map them to the midi keyboard (I'm using FL Studio). I would love to know if the support team or any other user could help with that.

All the best,

Heraldo Jones

James Araujo - MIK Team

Hey Heraldo,

Unfortunately, this is not something that's possible in the current version. But, it's a great idea and I've just added it to our To-Do list :)

Our developers will definitely take it into consideration when working on new updates.

Let me know if anything else comes to mind. We're open to ideas, and Captain Plugins will evolve and become better with your feedback.


Quite happy to read you are considering it. Maybe it could be difficult to assign sub-chords but at least be able to assign the computer keyboard chords to a midi cc language should be easy (although I'm writing with no knowledge of programming :P). Keep it growing!


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