Martin db

Hi there, first let me say that i have been an avid follower and user of you products since it first launched.
But im sad and frustrated as MIK 8 seems like Titanic.

Ive used MIK 5 which in my opinion is the best so far.

I cant remember if i bought the latter 6 or 7. but i own two licenses, that i know.

Ok so far so good. Now to the really bad part!

Ive updated to MIK8 which in my opinion are horrible. It crashes often, and when trying to restart the program tells me its busy and i can't find either the .EXE files och the process to interupt and quit.

I have to repair or install over and over again.

It takes forever to analyze and when put on load it crashes.

How come you took away the cpu / progress bar? that was the only thing to see that the program was working.

Is there a way to get the older versions of MIK?

Cause im not interested in "energy" or cuepoints.

As long as Pioneer do not give me what i wan't in RBX i still need MIK to get my music in order.

To me MIK 5 and 6 or 7 was the best. Never had any issues.

MIK8 is a mess and utter disaster. And it crashes as frequent on Win7 as it does on Win 10

Please help!


James Araujo - MIK Team

Hey Martin,

I am really sorry to hear that you are having these issues with MIK8 ;/

Can you please email with your VIP Code?

We will make it up to you :)


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