After analysing my collection, I have decided to convert my FLACS to WAVs so they show up in more CDJs from my pendrive.
I have a very complicated folder structure with hundreds of folders so i can browse in on the type of tracks i want to play.
Can MIK detect which tracks are missing and update my database accordingly?
Or do i have to delete my entire database and reanalyse everything again?
many thanks

James Araujo - MIK Team

Hey Seloni,

If the file is already in the MIK collection, MIK will detect it and you won't have to analyze it again.

Note: if you change the file's location, MIK might not be able to locate it, and it will do the analysis again.

Let me know if it helps :)


thankyou for your reply.

I will be needing to go refine the cue points for the many thousands of tracks and so having a good few hundred redundant ones (that i have relocated) to manually click through would slow me down considerably. So in this context i think i will have to delete my entire database and reanalyze everything again!

Kidding Kurrys

Could you please add it in a future version of MIK ?
Got 12,500+ files in MIK8, I'd like, at least to be able, to remove those who disappeared.
Another nice feature would be to be able to detect if the file was tagged (maybe by using a regex to check what's in the comment/key field?) in order not to reprocess it when imported again.


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