After analysing my collection, I have decided to convert my FLACS to WAVs so they show up in more CDJs from my pendrive.
I have a very complicated folder structure with hundreds of folders so i can browse in on the type of tracks i want to play.
Can MIK detect which tracks are missing and update my database accordingly?
Or do i have to delete my entire database and reanalyse everything again?
many thanks

James Araujo - MIK Team

Hey Seloni,

If the file is already in the MIK collection, MIK will detect it and you won't have to analyze it again.

Note: if you change the file's location, MIK might not be able to locate it, and it will do the analysis again.

Let me know if it helps :)


thankyou for your reply.

I will be needing to go refine the cue points for the many thousands of tracks and so having a good few hundred redundant ones (that i have relocated) to manually click through would slow me down considerably. So in this context i think i will have to delete my entire database and reanalyze everything again!


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