I use MiK with Traktor and have MiK write the key and tempo to the comments tag. I keep finding situations whereby mixed in key has read a BPM differently than Traktor, and so when sorting by comments to gain a sort of Key & BPM together, it's a pain to mix with sync'd BPM because Traktor thinks one song is 120 and the other is 60 (Because MiK has read them both as 120).

Is there any way i can tell MiK to use the BPM that traktor has already written to the song's metadata when it populates the comments field rather than use MiK's created BPM?

James Araujo - MIK Team


Thanks for the question :)

So, just to make sure I understood correctly: You want MIK to copy Traktor's detected BPM info and tag your song with that info. Correct?

If so, there is no way to do that. One thing you can try is to have MIK write only the Key info to the comments field, then use the BPM info from Traktor.

Let me know what you think.


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