im Looking for a solution to thisL: Renaming Files with MIK after they have been bulk (900) analyzed and stored there "as collection" by MIK Software with "rename existing files" (Name-Key-BPM) setting OFF, so now i have all the data but it took a while to do this , and i want my tracks to be re-named now, as i changed my mind about that setting (and the way i organize my library) and it needs to be done without having to add another 900 tracks , creating duplicates or just re-analyzing existing - because its will take software so much time , it will load processing capacity to its limits again , heat it up fans and coolers go nuts and etc. there has to be an easy way to Re-name those files. Thank you, i appreciate. Pavel

James Araujo - MIK Team

Hey Pavel,

Unfortunately, these are the only options available.

It shouldn't take too much time to analyze 900 songs. It could be some issue happening.

Can you please email with your VIP Code?

We will make sure to get it working great for you :)


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