James Araujo - MIK Team

Captain 2.3.1 Beta (Windows)


  • Added Idea Tool in Captain Melody - generate melodic ideas that work with your chords.
  • Added a shortcut: Shift + Up or Down to move selected notes up and down an octave.
  • Added new sound presets in Captain Chords, Captain Melody and Captain Deep.


  • Improved horizontal default view when opening Captain Chords for the first time.


  • Fixed Issue where Non-QWERTY keyboard layouts didn't match keyboard shortcuts in Captain Chords
  • Fixed issue in FL where Captain Chords crashes after resizing and deleting chord notes by double-clicking.
  • Fixed issue where Captain crashed when opened offline.
  • Fixed issue when using Captain in Windows 8, where Captain Plugins could change Abletons DPI settings.
  • Fixed issue where Captain Chords could crash when copying ideas from Verse to Pre-Chorus.
  • Fixed undo functionality in Captain Chords to include segments that were rests.

Captain Plugins 2.1.2 (Mac)


  • Added overdubbing as a Rhythm Recording option (defaults to 'on'). Overdubbing allows you to keep adding notes to a recorded rhythm bit by bit, instead of requiring you to record a rhythm in one go.


  • Automatic chord detection from MIDI input can now be turned off in the Captain Chords settings dialog (defaults to 'on').
  • Better playhead smoothness and accuracy, especially when using a large i/o buffer in your DAW.
  • Drag & Dropped clip notes now get more descriptive region names in some DAWs, for instance in Logic.
  • The single-note keyboards now correctly show and play wrap-around notes.
  • Overall better rhythm recording in FL Studio.


  • Fixed a crash when adding Audio Unit Captain plugins to REAPER.
  • Fixed MIDI keyboard input on Play tabs in Reason.
  • Fixed various cursor management issues on the note canvas.
  • We will no longer show empty Chord Info windows. This could happen for specific custom chords.
  • The plugin window now fades out and in correctly in FL Studio, making it easier to drag and drop notes.

Captain 2.3.0 Beta Hotfix 5 (Windows)


  • Added MIDI Editing for Captain Chords
  • Added overdub and cancel buttons to Rhythm Recording


  • Improved chord detection algorithm: alteration is now detected for some types of chords
  • Improved Undo/Redo behavior in Rhythm Recording
  • Now showing hovered key on piano roll
  • Improved alignment of collapse icons in Captain Melody
  • Double clicking headers of collapsed panels in Captain Melody now expands them
  • Default Grid Snap value is now 'Snap to 1/4'
  • Now quantizing note ends separately from starts
  • Improved canvas cursor size


  • Fixed issue where Keyboard Language would change unintentionally
  • Fixed issue where recorded note placement was misaligned after changing tempo
  • Fixed issue where Tension coloring was not updated when changing key with UI closed
  • Fixed issue with note alignment during Rhythm Recording in FL Studio
  • Fixed issue with determining enabled state of Octave up/down button
  • Fixed issue with Fill Tool not snapping correctly at 1/1 setting
  • Fixed issue with split segments not being saved correctly
  • Fixed issue where note played at loop end was lengthened
  • Fixed issue where there was no audio from Melody Play tab, unless "Include MIDI In..." tab was selected in Settings
  • Fixed issue where pressing two keyboard keys created three notes
  • Fixed issue where closing and opening the Captain Play UI interfered with changing octaves
  • Fixed issue where clicking a chord button's top bar didn't press it, just selected it
  • Fixed issue where adding a fill on the canvas and moving it didn't work when zoomed in
  • Fixed issue with inability to add fill at highest octave region
  • Fixed issue where painting skipped notes if the brush was moved too quickly
  • Fixed issuse with missing underline in Captain Deep's Octave and Shape fields
  • FIxed issue where adding a note wouldn't always select it
  • Fixed issue where closing a slave plugin disconnected it from Chords
  • Fixed issue where changing Key didn't change the selected Tension Magic Button
  • Fixed issue where move cursor was not shown until drag began
  • Fixed issue where connecting to Chords after adding a fill cleared it
  • Fixed other critical errors

Captain Plugins 2.1.1 (Mac)


  • In Captain Chords we changed the 'detect chord' chord management button to a 'record rhythm' button, which selects a single chord for rhythm recording.
  • Added a duplicate chords button to the note canvas in Captain Chords.


  • Deleting the last chord in a chord progression now shortens the progression.
  • Changed the style of the dragging clip, with a visible 'clear' button (hitting backspace still works to clear the dragging clip).
  • Recorded rhythms are now applied when the recording area is changed.
  • Improved undo and redo behavior during rhythm recording.
  • The dragging clip view is no longer shown during rhythm recording.
  • Various improvements to rhythm recording.


  • Fixed playback volume of notes after looping.
  • Fixed crash in FL Studio when adding multiple plugins.
  • Chord detection of played midi keyboard notes now works correctly for chords with 11th and 13th flavors.
  • The option panels for space, strum, swing, and quantization have a more predictable close behavior.
  • Existing notes under the recording area are no longer cleared after stopping rhythm recording when the recording area is empty.
  • Scroll bar areas no longer can become translucent when the plugin is in 'folded' mode.

Captain Plugins 2.3.0 Beta - Hotfix 4 (Windows)

New Features:

  • Melody - Tension Curve Pane - an Editable Visualization of Melody Tension
  • Melody - Note Length is now Based on Grid Snap Setting
  • Chords - Rhythm Recording - Quickly Start a Rhythm Recording in a Chord Segment by Clicking Record Rhythm Button in Chord Segment Toolbar

Minor Changes:

  • Melody - Brush Tool - Draw Note on Initial Mouse Press
  • Rhythm Recording - It's Now Easier to Hit Beat 1 on When Looping After a Take
  • Rhythm Recording - A New Take is Not Started if You Sustain a Note Past the End of a Loop

Bug Fixes:

  • Deep - Clip Widget not Showing Correct Section Sometimes
  • Crash When Holding MIDI Keyboard Key When Clicking "Go" On Scale Selection Screen
  • Issue with Extended Notes When Exporting Clips to DAW
  • Potential Crash in FL Studio 20 under certain conditions
  • Rhythm Recording - Volume Issue When Strum Is Applied
  • Minor Scale Shown after Choosing a Major Scale on the Scale Selection Screen
  • Potential Crash in Ableton 10 resulting in Captain Chords Getting Blacklisted
  • Melody - Brush Tool - Brushing Over Notes Does Not Replace Existing Notes in Some Cases
  • Melody - Brush Tool - Brushing Quickly Can Sometimes Skip Over Notes
  • Melody - Brush Tool - Rhythm Pattern with Empty Space Doesn't Remove Notes
  • Melody - Double-Clicking to Draw A Note in Fit to View Misplaces It
  • Melody - Fit to View Jumpiness When Resizing Notes
  • Melody - If Swing or Space with 0 Amount is Applied, Notes Disappear
  • Melody - Mouse Cursor Sometimes Gets Stuck as Vertical Resize Cursor
  • Melody - Potential Crashes in Some Cases When Using Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Melody - Potential Crashes in Some Cases When Using the Selection Tool
  • Melody - Selector Remains After Drawing Replacing Note
  • Melody - When Playing the Clip, Results of Editing Operations Are Immediately Audible During Editing Operations - Moving, Resizing, etc
  • Rhythm Recording - A New Take is Not Started if You Sustain a Note Past the End of a Loop
  • Rhythm Recording - Clicking Done on Left Sidebar Doesn't Commit Notes when Recording
  • Rhythm Recording - Degraded Performance When Switching to and from Rhythm Recording Many Times During a Single Session
  • Rhythm Recording - Removed 'None' as an Option from the Quantization Step Menu, Use Amount 0 Instead
  • Potential Crash When Selecting Notes After Using the Fill Tool

Captain Mac 2.1.0


  • Rhythm recording is added to Captain Chords. Initiate recording by using the 'Record' button in the 'Rhythm' section.
  • Added support for "Break rhythm on chord change". This feature is controlled by a new setting in Captain Chords found under the 'Project Settings' header.


  • The < and > buttons no longer advance automatically while being pressed. Each single press now only advances to the next option once.
  • Reduced the default note drawing scale slightly such that a 4 chord progression at the standard window size no longer needs horizontal scrolling.


  • Fixed an issue that, in some situations, would cause several extra notes to be triggered after the DAW loops, resulting in large volume fluctuations.
  • The floating chord management buttons on the note canvas now work correctly when the chords are very short.

Captain Windows 2.3.0 Beta Hotfix 3


  • Can now select a single note inside an existing selection
  • Added ability to draw notes to left of starting point in paintbrush mode
  • Imrproved Rhythm Recording Keyboard tooltip
  • Added "Custom" Rhythm magic button
  • Updated design of "clip widget" styling
  • Clicking on a single note now previews it
  • Improved Resize Chords hitzone
  • Now auto-adjusting zoom levels in Scale View
  • Add Duplicate button in Captain Chords
  • Added preview when using Piano Roll and Tension magic button
  • Better drag-up-and-down behavior for selected notes
  • Added a text label saying "Right-click to erase" near the rhythm buttons in Melody
  • Improved Chords default horizontal zoom
  • Added animations to Duplicate and Add buttons on mouse out
  • Now displaying selected/in-editing notes in clip-widget
  • Clicking on an empty space in an existing pitch lane now adds a note to the rhythm
  • Thin selection of a single note now selects precisely the note
  • Improved hitzone for selection/note to begin movement
  • Updated the "Update Available" screen


  • Fixed issue with wrong scale being implemented from Scale Selection Screen
  • Fixed issue with zoom in Fit To View
  • Fixed issue with auto-selecting notes in paintbrush mode
  • Fixed issue with scroll position when drag-zooming
  • Fixed issue with Grid Snap settings
  • Fixed issue with note resizing in Melody
  • Fixed issue with chord borderlines being misplaced when zooming out
  • Fixed issue with selection rectangle changing after Tension button click

Captain Windows 2.3.0 Beta 3


  • Allow to begin selection of notes on Piano Roll canvas
  • Ctrl+Click and Shift+Click now add to the current selection
  • Clicking on the piano in all Captain plugins now plays that note out loud
  • Deleting the last chord now deletes it, not stretches the previous one to fill the new empty space
  • Clicking on "Set Recording Area" after a rhythm has already been recorded now automatically commits the previous notes before setting the new bracket
  • Moving the note up and down now automatically previews it
  • Reduced frequency of internet connectivity
  • Double-clicking in Paintbrush mode now deletes the note
  • Improved discoverability of multiple takes in Rhythm Recording
  • Updated piano canvas UI - pressed key
  • Allow to resize smaller, minimum size too large
  • Now able to scroll selection horizontally against canvas border


  • Wrong colors for grid snap and other items in bottom bar
  • Resize mouse cursor is incorrect in Brush mode when no selection
  • Clear doesn't work in song section dropdown
  • Chord Context Bar doesn't correctly display chords until Captain Chords window is opened
  • Clicking on Chord Preview plays the wrong octave and wrong inversion
  • When song section is pasted previous notes in melody disappear from canvas
  • Collapse top-bar button is visible above offline mode overlay
  • After resizing Captain canvas has blank space
  • Adding certain custom chords over a rest make button disappear
  • Connect button shows in Captain Play
  • Undo and Redo render incorrectly for Swing and Space
  • "Shift Notes To Highest Octave" button shifts notes down
  • Resize doesn't snap to correct amount when zoomed out
  • Brush Mode: Move cursor is not shown until drag begins
  • Cannot resize smaller if note is on first beat
  • Note initially gets smaller when trying to resize right-side to the right
  • Cannot resize to original length
  • Moving notes result in blank clip
  • Various crash fixes

Captain Plugins 2.0.4 (Mac)


  • Added Space to Deep and Melody


  • Applying Strum when multiple Captain plugins are running no longer increases the output volume of the plugin.
  • Selecting the key or scale in the Play tab of Melody or Deep now works as expected.
  • State restoration now works as expected when the Play tab is selected
  • Fixed an issue where the key and scale would sometimes be restored incorrectly during state restoration
  • MIDI keyboard input now works when running Captain as a VST while hosted in Reaper.
  • Fixed an issue where custom chords could be incorrectly named major when they were not major chords.


  • The custom chord button is now highlighted when you have a custom chord selected in the canvas.
  • The chord selection boxes in the canvas are now colored by chord type when selected.
  • Play Chords now defaults to being mapped to three octaves of common chords

Captain Plugins Version 2.2.2 (Windows)


  • improved MIDI keyboard support in Reaper & Ableton


  • fixed some issues with stuck notes
  • fixed a number of bugs

Captain Plugins Version 2.2.1 (Windows)


  • FL Studio: Plugin is now hidden on drag-drop of midi clip


  • fixed issue with increase in volume output when using Strum
  • fixed playback issue when looping
  • fixed a number of issues that led to crashes

Captain Plugins Version (Mac)


  • Added Space to Captain Chords, replacing the old Note Length dropdown.
  • In Captain Chords, Play clips can now be copied and pasted to another tab for further editing.


  • Redesigned the Play tab for easier and more powerful mapping of MIDI keyboards.
  • Recording a Play clip with a MIDI keyboard now records the note velocities.
  • Improved browsing through timing patterns.
  • Improved the interactions between Strum, Swing, and now Space.
  • Changed the Strum and Swing controls into knobs.
  • Now renaming the “One Measure” timing pattern to “Half Measure” and “Two Measures” for the fast and slow timings.


  • Strum, Swing, and Space are now included when copying, pasting, saving, and loading data between tabs.
  • Fixed the issue with Strum state not fully being applied during state restoration.
  • Fixed an issue where chords detected from a MIDI keyboard would sometimes be inverted.

Version 2.0 (Windows)

Major New Features:

-Captain Deep 1.0 -MIDI Keyboard support in Play -Timing Patterns -Strum -Swing -Copy from Play Tab into Verse and other song sections

Improvements / Minor Features:

-Improved sharpness of text and rendering -Sliders are click to move -MIDI Playback in Clipjam Views, allowing you to "Join in" by playing over -Captain Play shows the chord name (or note letter name) being pressed -More intuitive Octave and Complexity sliders -Can now turn off / on "Include MIDI In" in settings -Improved dropdown popup UI -Clutter-free popup selectors -Moved Octave naming down 1 to be more consistent with standard -Added Clip Widget "Clear" button in Play tabs -More intuitive chord deletion behaviour -Can reselect a custom Progession after preset is selected -Improved fit-to-view so there's less empty space when there aren't many notes -Beautified sidebar UI -More consistent note sizing in Fit To View for MIDI playback -Better chord triad detection when ambiguous -Double clicking in popup selector closes popup -Dropdown popup Previous and Next buttons will "loop around" to beginning and end -Basic Rhythm category is shown first for faster accessibility -Only show Chord info (i) icons on hover -Better bug / error feedback -Impoved UI of "Not in Focus" screen -Lots of small UI improvements

Bug fixes:

-Fix for Reaper going into Offline Mode And Crashing Upon Relaunch -Improved the "Don't Show Again" functionality for the Randomize Scale screen -MIDI Keyboard Detection improvements -MIDI Keyboard UI Feedback improvements -Fixed issue where going Offline, then adding a Captain plugin, resulted in empty scale dropdown -Captain Play tracks sometimes didn't output sound after reloading a project -Fix crashed caused when Rhythm popup was opened and Previous was clicked before any other changes -Various zoom fixes -Key detection now works if project is flat -Allow chord segment to be deleted when it's not selected -Fix Octave mismatch between piano roll and displayed key in the single note pc keyboard -Improved chords transposing when switching scale type -More user-friendly error screens in the rare case of server issues -Only show MIDI Keyboard tooltip once, even if MIDI Keyboard button isn't selected -Fixed issue where changing subsequent measure to rest changes previous measure's note length -Enable deletion of first chord segment if there are multiple segments -Change delete behaviour not to ever add Rest -Disable paste text if there's nothing to paste -MIDI Note message no longer pops up outside of canvas -When changing Flavors, update the selected chords button to represent the change -Fixed crash when opening project that occured under certain circumstances -Fixed lots of other small / rarely encountered bugs

Version 2.0 (Mac)

Major New Features:

  • Added a 'How-to Guide' link visible at all times.
  • Added a timing setting to Captain Chords.
  • Added a Strum effect to Captain Chords and Captain Play.
  • Added a Swing effect to Captain Chords.


  • Out of scale notes are now auto-corrected in Chords Play.
  • Drag-resizing chords in Captain Chords snaps to a 1/16th note grid by default, and 1/32nd notes when zoomed in.
  • Pressing the backspace key while on a 'Play' tab will now delete the current recorded notes. This functionality is also available from the tab menu's 'Clear' item.
  • Pressing the space bar while viewing a welcome tutorial screen will now advance through the tutorial.
  • Clicking on the labels above controls will trigger displaying the options UI.
  • Optimized audio processing performance during playback and recording.


  • Fixed midi export to Ableton Live 10. Dragging recorded notes or importing midi notes exported from Captain Plugins could fail in Live 10.
  • Chord info is now also displayed correctly if the chord only contains a single note.
  • Highlighting the hovered chord section works as long as the host application is active.


New - The chord ranges for the MIDI keyboard are now configurable. You can change their order and placement on your keyboard. - Added a chord info panel accessed from the (i) button on each chord segment. This panel shows a piano view and scale applicability information for each chord. - The MIDI keyboard in the Play tab now also supports playing black keys. You can enable this feature from the Settings dialog. - The delete key can now be used to delete chord segments from the canvas.

Improved - When deleting a chord segment, the previous (or next if you delete the first one) chord segment now stretches to fill in the missing duration, rather than changing the total duration of the progression. - Reduced the maximum vertical zoom factor in the 'zoom to fit' mode. - Changed our octave numbering to match popular DAWs. - Dragging a chord boundary in Captain Chords now moves all subsequent chords as well. This allows for easier chord progression editing. The old editing behavior can still be used by pressing and holding shift before you start your click and drag of the chord boundary. - Better bounds and dmanagement of the hoverTrackingArea. - Updated EULA date. - Turned white-key-only-mode off by default.

Fixed - Fixed issues with cursors and tooltips displaying on the wrong views. - Fixed the black backgrounds on tooltips in 10.10. - Fixed issues with chord resizing tooltips appearing when their trigger is obscured by another view. - Fixed an issue in 10.10 where some preference changes would not immediately take affect in all parts of the plugin. - Fixed the issue where plugins connected to a Captain Chords instance would present an error if the chord progression wasn't a multiple of 4 beats long. - Fixed an issue where the Audio Unit versions of the plugins wouldn't output audio in FL Studio. - No longer showing the 'delete chord' tooltip if the delete chord button is hidden. - The use keyboard warning of the chord selection buttons view is closed when the window resigns key status. - Fix for slaved plugins last note getting cut off.

Version 1.6.1

// New Features

  • Enabled support for multiple different scales.
  • Updated the Play tab keyboards (improved layout, dynamic labels, more colored chord types)

// Minor Updates

  • Updated tutorial texts.
  • During drag operations all open Captain Plugin windows are now faded out.
  • Changed the tab content gradient background to a vertical gradient. Selected tabs now have matching gradient backgrounds.
  • Now using the chord’s shortName rather than degreeName to display the ‘+’ or ‘°’ in chord buttons.
  • Updated playhead style (top triangle)

// Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash after de-authorizing.
  • Fixed font inclusion problems (some flavors didn't correctly use our font, causing display issues for some).
  • It is no longer possible to display multiple option pickers on top of each-other by double-clicking a picker button.
  • Fixed plugin view sizing and resizing for VSTs hosted in Reaper (AudioUnits still can't be resized).
  • Fixed an issue where the hovered chord tracking area would sometimes not get added.
  • The arrow keys for the chord progressions are now disabled if you’re on a custom progression.
  • Fixed the issue with chord notes getting stuck if you pressed or released shift before releasing the played key.


  • Added Captain Play to the installer.
  • During clip drag operations, the plugin window becomes semi-transparent, and clips can be dropped 'behind' the plugin window.
  • Renamed 'Captain Play' tabs to 'Play’.
  • Playback works when the caps-lock key is engaged.
  • Added Key and Scale popups for the Bass & Melody plugin. Only visible on the 'Play' tab.
  • The delete key now removes the Play tab recordings.
  • The song section controls are now hidden in Deep and Melody when they aren’t connected to Chords.
  • Added a preference to include MIDI In while in the Play tabs.
  • The up and down keys can now be used to navigate the options dialog.
  • Now showing routing tutorial texts and buttons for AUs (Logic).
  • Fixed issue where we always outputted notes on MIDI channel 16 in the MIDIFX.
  • Added a separate tutorial text / state for using AU Audio inside Ableton Live.
  • Note tails no longer overlap in the next measure.
  • Better key press handling during chords playback. Keys that don't play chords are now ignored.
  • The slave message view no longer blocks mouse interaction with the canvas when its hidden.
  • Updated VST routing tutorial.
- Fixed excessive logging after pausing a recording.
- Updated keyboard images.
- Changed MIDI In notification effect, the effect is now identical for all notes.
- Fixed building Bass AUs.
- Added note name letter textfield to the Play keyboard view.
- Lower default octave (2) for the Captain Play tab in Captain Deep.
- Better placement of the pressed keys text.
- Using better notification names.
- No longer showing the “keep playing MIDI notes while UI is closed option in Captain Play, since it isn’t applicable. Also, now always setting the playbackType to MIDIIn when the Captain UI is closed.
- The '9' key is no longer mapped for playing chords in the Captain Play tab.
- Temporarily removed our category to provide a cleaner build for PreSonus developers.
  • Single notes are now listed above the keyboard in the Captain Play tab.
  • The keyboard explanation text is updated correctly.
  • Now supporting SFZSoundSpec.
  • Better key press handling during chords playback. Keys that don't play chords are now ignored.
  • Fixed left/right resize cursor appearing outside the canvas.
- Fixed an issue where Captain Play would play in the wrong key and scale until both the key and scale were changed in the UI (if the new project screen was suppressed).
  • Fixed key command handling in Logic 10.4
  • Tweaked clip drag/drop animation.
  • Flavors that can be enslaved now block the song section tabs from being used when they are not connected to Captain Chords.
  • The mouse cursor is reset after a DnD operation.
  • Introduced a small delay after a clip drop, to allow the user to 'see' the drop operation succeed.
  • Fixed an issue where the Chords flavor Play tab’s chord buttons could get stuck showing the wrong key and scale.
- Added a warning when clicking the chord selection buttons while they’re in display only mode.
- Melody and Bass just use the basic minor and major octaves now.
  • Fixed controls positioning when the Melody and Bass plugins were not connected.
- The up/down arrow keys are no longer blocked by the octave controls in the Chords flavor.
  • Added resize handle and left border to the 'connect this plugin' view.'

Build 1872

  • Clip Jam renamed to Captain Play in all flavors
  • DAW Playback renamed to MIDI In in all flavors
  • Add chords button now pulses every 3 seconds, instead of every 4 seconds
  • Informative message to disable Musical Typing to use Captain Play added
  • Layout images for Captain Play updated in Captain Chords to reflect Major and Minor scales
  • 4th octave is now default for Captain Melody
  • OdesiMelodyViewController now gets its class name mangled, fixing the issue with Melody not working across various types.

Build 1896

  • OPL-365 Now notifying users when the Musical Typing window in Logic Pro is open.
  • OPL-370 New design for the MIDI-in screen.
  • OPL-372 Changed the MIDI in notification effect (effect on full tab when tab is in the background).
  • OPL-376 The plugin window can no longer become larger than the screen when restoring a project.
  • OPL-364 Added Captain Play tutorial, asking the user to focus the plugin for Keyboard Input.
  • OPL-368 Now randomizing the melody patterns on the first launch of Captain Melody.
  • Changed the default Melody instrument and delay level.
  • Updated version to 1.5.2.

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