James Araujo - MIK Team

Version 1.6.1

// New Features

  • Enabled support for multiple different scales.
  • Updated the Play tab keyboards (improved layout, dynamic labels, more colored chord types)

// Minor Updates

  • Updated tutorial texts.
  • During drag operations all open Captain Plugin windows are now faded out.
  • Changed the tab content gradient background to a vertical gradient. Selected tabs now have matching gradient backgrounds.
  • Now using the chord’s shortName rather than degreeName to display the ‘+’ or ‘°’ in chord buttons.
  • Updated playhead style (top triangle)

// Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash after de-authorizing.
  • Fixed font inclusion problems (some flavors didn't correctly use our font, causing display issues for some).
  • It is no longer possible to display multiple option pickers on top of each-other by double-clicking a picker button.
  • Fixed plugin view sizing and resizing for VSTs hosted in Reaper (AudioUnits still can't be resized).
  • Fixed an issue where the hovered chord tracking area would sometimes not get added.
  • The arrow keys for the chord progressions are now disabled if you’re on a custom progression.
  • Fixed the issue with chord notes getting stuck if you pressed or released shift before releasing the played key.


  • Added Captain Play to the installer.
  • During clip drag operations, the plugin window becomes semi-transparent, and clips can be dropped 'behind' the plugin window.
  • Renamed 'Captain Play' tabs to 'Play’.
  • Playback works when the caps-lock key is engaged.
  • Added Key and Scale popups for the Bass & Melody plugin. Only visible on the 'Play' tab.
  • The delete key now removes the Play tab recordings.
  • The song section controls are now hidden in Deep and Melody when they aren’t connected to Chords.
  • Added a preference to include MIDI In while in the Play tabs.
  • The up and down keys can now be used to navigate the options dialog.
  • Now showing routing tutorial texts and buttons for AUs (Logic).
  • Fixed issue where we always outputted notes on MIDI channel 16 in the MIDIFX.
  • Added a separate tutorial text / state for using AU Audio inside Ableton Live.
  • Note tails no longer overlap in the next measure.
  • Better key press handling during chords playback. Keys that don't play chords are now ignored.
  • The slave message view no longer blocks mouse interaction with the canvas when its hidden.
  • Updated VST routing tutorial.
- Fixed excessive logging after pausing a recording.
- Updated keyboard images.
- Changed MIDI In notification effect, the effect is now identical for all notes.
- Fixed building Bass AUs.
- Added note name letter textfield to the Play keyboard view.
- Lower default octave (2) for the Captain Play tab in Captain Deep.
- Better placement of the pressed keys text.
- Using better notification names.
- No longer showing the “keep playing MIDI notes while UI is closed option in Captain Play, since it isn’t applicable. Also, now always setting the playbackType to MIDIIn when the Captain UI is closed.
- The '9' key is no longer mapped for playing chords in the Captain Play tab.
- Temporarily removed our category to provide a cleaner build for PreSonus developers.
  • Single notes are now listed above the keyboard in the Captain Play tab.
  • The keyboard explanation text is updated correctly.
  • Now supporting SFZSoundSpec.
  • Better key press handling during chords playback. Keys that don't play chords are now ignored.
  • Fixed left/right resize cursor appearing outside the canvas.
- Fixed an issue where Captain Play would play in the wrong key and scale until both the key and scale were changed in the UI (if the new project screen was suppressed).
  • Fixed key command handling in Logic 10.4
  • Tweaked clip drag/drop animation.
  • Flavors that can be enslaved now block the song section tabs from being used when they are not connected to Captain Chords.
  • The mouse cursor is reset after a DnD operation.
  • Introduced a small delay after a clip drop, to allow the user to 'see' the drop operation succeed.
  • Fixed an issue where the Chords flavor Play tab’s chord buttons could get stuck showing the wrong key and scale.
- Added a warning when clicking the chord selection buttons while they’re in display only mode.
- Melody and Bass just use the basic minor and major octaves now.
  • Fixed controls positioning when the Melody and Bass plugins were not connected.
- The up/down arrow keys are no longer blocked by the octave controls in the Chords flavor.
  • Added resize handle and left border to the 'connect this plugin' view.'

Build 1872

  • Clip Jam renamed to Captain Play in all flavors
  • DAW Playback renamed to MIDI In in all flavors
  • Add chords button now pulses every 3 seconds, instead of every 4 seconds
  • Informative message to disable Musical Typing to use Captain Play added
  • Layout images for Captain Play updated in Captain Chords to reflect Major and Minor scales
  • 4th octave is now default for Captain Melody
  • OdesiMelodyViewController now gets its class name mangled, fixing the issue with Melody not working across various types.

Build 1896

  • OPL-365 Now notifying users when the Musical Typing window in Logic Pro is open.
  • OPL-370 New design for the MIDI-in screen.
  • OPL-372 Changed the MIDI in notification effect (effect on full tab when tab is in the background).
  • OPL-376 The plugin window can no longer become larger than the screen when restoring a project.
  • OPL-364 Added Captain Play tutorial, asking the user to focus the plugin for Keyboard Input.
  • OPL-368 Now randomizing the melody patterns on the first launch of Captain Melody.
  • Changed the default Melody instrument and delay level.
  • Updated version to 1.5.2.

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