I have installed the CaptainPlugin Suite which i use with Logic Pro X

I create a new MIDI track in Logic, add Massive or Serum as the instrument, and then load up captain chords as a MIDI FX on that channel.

I then add some patterns in Captain Chords, but it plays them using the built in instruments in captain chords, not the preset i have loaded in Serum/Massive

If i load up Captain Deep as a Midi FX, it actually plays the Midi through Serum/Massive, as i would expect.

Can someone please advise whats going on here, and how to get it right.

You badly need to have some form of official documentation on how to use these plugins. The videos on YouTube are out of date and don't go into enough detail


also - captain deep only plays MIDI when its open. as soon as i close it, it stops!


I just keep the Captain products in empty tracks and copy the midi data into new tracks with the instruments i want. If I want to change chords i go into the empty track (chords, deep, melody) make my changes there and drop the changes into the appropriate other track. I am not having any errors or system crashes. Not sure this is the best work flow but it seems to be working

James Araujo - MIK Team

Hey there,

I am sorry to hear you are having issues with our plugins.

Can you please email with your VIP Code?

We will look into this for you. It shouldn't be happening.

Also, which OS version are you using? Have you tried opening a new project and checking if it works fine there?

Let us know :)


I also have a problem like this where if I have captain chords in 'midi fx' on logic pro x it won't play any sound. My synths and virtual instruments are installed onto an external hard drive so this could be the reason why but I couldn't install captain chords onto my external as it wouldn't let me for some reason.


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