Recently just purchased this product after watching many reviews online and from friends so was excited to get everything going for my music collection. I Followed the steps on both the tutorial provided as well as YouTube tutorials for Rekordbox integration. All tracks were analysed, however only a few tracks upon 'reloading tags' in Rekordbox actually carried over the key results in the 'comment' section. Upon looking back at MIK, I noticed that all the tracks that did not carry across key result values had their key results written in blue as appose to black. Is this a problem to do with my files not being compatible? or is this a software issue? I really hope I am doing something wrong because I really don't intend on manually entering each key value for my tracks, Any help is welcome!!

James Araujo - MIK Team

Hey Darcy,

I've just replied to your email with a troubleshooting guide to attempt to solve this issue :)


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