i bought Captain Plugins yesterday. I like all the features so much. Its a great tool. But why i can't use it offline. I'm using all my audio workstation offline for years now. I only go online to register a new plugin and now i should be always online? This is a NO GO for me! Is there any way to use these plugins offline?

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James Araujo - MIK Team


I completely understand your frustration about the online requirement.

There are 3 reasons why Captain Plugins and Odesi only works online:

1) We wanted our users to access their sessions from anywhere in the world, like Dropbox. Personally, I've lost numerous Ableton sessions on old hard drives. I've lost sessions because I didn't have the VST installed anymore. I think at least 50% of the songs I've ever made is gone now because I cannot open them anymore. By creating an "Online" version of Odesi, we're able to store your projects in the cloud and allow you to access them from anywhere in the world, by clicking on the "Login" button on the Odesi website. The direct URL for that is

2) I know music producers that pirate all the software they use. They paid for nothing except their hardware. So, we made it online only, which makes it harder to pirate. It generates enough revenue that we can keep adding new features and plugins, like Captain Play which we just launched. It's a free update because people paid for this software. If nobody paid, the software wouldn't exist, and wouldn't get updated. You're supporting a small company of honest people with your money. If we help you make just ONE song that gets 1 million views on Youtube, I'm sure your investment into Captain Plugins and Odesi has paid off.

3) Mixed In Key has been an online-connected product for 11 years, and it has a huge, happy user-base. Your Facebook is an onlineapp. Your iCloud is an online app. It just takes getting used to, but music production can be done online too.

Let me know what you think :)

p.s. You can use Captain plugins offline to play the MIDI you've already written. However, you need to be connected to the Internet to write new MIDI notes inside the plugins themselves. Our generators require Internet access.


While I can understand your position, I feel that there are better alternatives.

1) Musicians should be smart enough to store their projects responsibly. I store all of mine on MS Onedrive, which means my computer/HD could be destroyed and I would still have all of my projects. There are a number of solutions like that that make it easy. Beyond that, what are you actually saving in the cloud? It can't be the complete project file, as the VST doesn't have access to that info. At most, it could save the presets and the progressions/melodies you've created in the plugin. Those are pretty useless on their own, as the real magic happens once you export your MIDI to the DAW. Finally, a hard drive crash would still mean you have to reinstall the VST. I don't really see the benefit in what you're saying here.

2) I think this is the real reason it's online only, and I can understand that. However, pretty much every other company manages to make their plugins profitable using offline technologies. Why not licence it with iLok? You may have noticed that iLok enabled software almost never shows up on pirating sites because it's very difficult to get around. Either way, the number of potential customers you're losing due to the online-only requirement probably outweighs the potential loss due to piracy. You have to remember - those who pirate it would not have bought it anyway. You're assuming that potential paying customers are becoming pirates, and I find this hard to believe.

3) This is professional music software, not Facebook and iCloud. Facebook is a free service which is funded by ads, for one. iCloud is free storage solution with payable tiers. Those are completely different models, and you're comparing apples to oranges.

Again, I understand your position, but you're doing yourself a disservice and you don't realize it. I believe this model will decrease revenue. The biggest problem is that you are asking us to pay for something, and then trust that Mixed In Key will be around for the foreseeable future. What if I want to use this in 10 years and for some reason you've gone out of business? How can you ask customers to pay for something that you could then cut off or charge more for in the future? I'm not saying you WILL, but that's beside the point. They users takes on all of the risk here. Most musicians, and particularly professional musicians, want to know that the software they use is THEIRS and that they can count on it, regardless of whether the company behind it still exists.

I've said it before, but every large and small plugin and DAW company has faced this decision, and the vast majority of them have come to the conclusion that offline is the way to go. Don't you think it would be foolish to assume that you somehow figured out how to make this model work? It doesn't work. I'm sure this won't change your mind, but it will certainly change the minds of many of your potential customers.


I hate iLok.And I dont want to use software online.Don't worry about people who don't pay, as long as the software is good enough, there's always someone to support.


yes very presumptuous of the company to take away customer option, no online requirements once installed please!!!


I was really close to pulling the trigger and purchasing the Captain Plugins Bundle, but the online requirement is unfortunately making me think twice about this.
This is my own personal situation but a reasonably common one non-the-less.......A very high percentage of my workflow originates in an offline environment. My actual job involves air travel and temporary accommodation so getting online is either extravagant or not possible.
But I can understand the reasoning as a company to go the online requirement these days it just makes it a little less flexible as a product for me.


Yup I have to say you just lost me as a customer and the potential for many more (I have over 10000 followers in my music tutorial websites), only online is a joke, if for no other reason than your telling me how to run my production environment, no thanks.


I am about to buy the complete bundle (although I am on Windows which seems to be not complete at the moment) but I would like to use the tools mainly on the train to my daily commutes to work. I got Reason 10 on the laptop which also has a sort-of-necessity for an online connection BUT ONLY when the program starts. This I can do with my mobile phone in the station without a problem. During the ride, reception is sketchy at best (and even if it weren’t - my monthly mobile plan isn’t suited for a Windows 10 update-hungry computer being constantly connected to it).

Would it be an idea to couple ONLY the start of the program to an internet connection?


wow... I'm glad I found out about this before I bought it..

No thank you,

we all can see how google and facebook and you tube are censoring


I bought Odisy the other day, and I'm probably going to use that 30 day refund. I HATE the whole concept of "cloud" computing. There is NO SUCH THING as cloud computing. The "cloud" is just someone else's computer somewhere. I don't feel comfortable storing my data/creations on someone else's computer. This is ripe for an invasion privacy and intellectual property theft. No thanks. I only store MY data/creations on MY computer. How can anyone still support the notion of "cloud" computing when we read everyday about how tech companies use, abuse and exploit the data we trusted them with. This is why I'm also against "subscription" software. For every person you prevent from "cracking" your product with this method, you lose ten legitimate buyers who otherwise would have purchased your product.


Same here, just about to buy also...will continue with iPad Odysy airdrop into Logic, ...offline to compose too.


just the same here, its only online to prevent data lost from users and software cracking? i wonder why mixed in keys dont tell anything about this issue after the purchase? and how other companies can provides sotftware that works offline...?
sorry for another potential buyer lost

anyway its still a great software idea and concept, let me know when CP and Odesi can run without internet connection and i will be glad to return here


I also just bought Captain Chords but I may be returning it due to the online only requirement. I just came back from a week long conference where there were many times that wifi was not available - plane, spotty hotel/conference wifi - but my Maschine DAW ran happily. I would have been very frustrated to realize that I couldn't use Captain Chords in these situations. I like the software but not the feeling that I am being treated like a criminal.

Hooj Yo Daddy?

I have to agree with the totality of the rebuttals against the need to be online to use this product. I like the product, its clean and quite useful. However, it is constrained (like MiK) by my need to have a connection to use it. I have an Ilok, I can take that with me up into the mountains, or across the country without the need for reliable cell service and hotspotting through my phone.

I think we can all understand the piracy aspect, but there are alternatives to online authentication. I love Roland Cloud, but it is also tethered and therefore not completely reliable or compatible with my workflow. J74 Progressive might not be as user friendly of an interface, but it can do everything Captain Chords needs to do (at a cheaper price) without this tethering restriction. Im not responding to harp on or complain about this product that I really like, but to underline the cumbersome nature of its restriction. Is there a way to split the authentication between Cloud based and Ilok? This would be of great use to some of us who are dedicated investors in your software, and still allow those who dabble the freedom and restrictions that cloud authentication brings to the table.

All of this is food for thought. Yes, I will continue to use this product when I have a solid connection, and be glad for it. When I dont, J74 is a very viable alternative. To be honest they both have their idiosyncrasies. I hope we can keep a dialogue open to make this tool the most it can be, starting with our ability to use it unfettered.


Hooj Yo Daddy?

We would like to hear more official dialect on this subject, please.

Bruno Long

I also just found out about this. I can still use the refund and Im really convinced to use it. Have to be always online is the oposite of the circumstances I need for my creative work. I find it really sad because I like the plug-in and even considered to buy "mixed in key" but not anymore...
It is very shocking that I almost got over the 30 days without knowing abot this. Becaus of this I will try to inform as many people as possible about it via youtube etc.
If the plug-ins getting an update which fixes this issue I will change my mind but at this point the captain chords arent worth the money i.m.o.


i have no problem with being online with captain chords
i just make my chord progression drag it into my daw and switch off my internet connection
worth every penny dont see the fuss with being online while you use the program


On Wednesday, February 21, 2018 8:41 AM gobo66 wrote:


i bought Captain Plugins yesterday. I like all the features so much. Its a great tool. But why i can't use it offline. I'm using all my audio workstation offline for years now. I only go online to register a new plugin and now i should be always online? This is a NO GO for me! Is there any way to use these plugins offline?

Best Regards

The fuss is that not all of us have constant internet access. As a US Navy servicemember, I am often deployed or out to sea where I have no access to the internet for weeks or months on end. Music production is my stress reliever during any moments of downtime.


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