Since the last update, Captain Chords is crashing Cubase 9.5 on Mac.

How to reproduce:

  1. Fresh install of Captain plugins
  2. Launch Cubase
  3. Captain Chords gets added to the plugin blacklist
  4. Allow Captain Chords from the blacklist
  5. Cubase crashes
  6. Re-launch Cubase
  7. Cubase crashes on the loading screen

The only way is to remove the VST plugin and Cubase starts normally again. As a side note, Captain Chords VST also crashes Studio One 3.5 when trying to delete a track containing the plugin.

What can I do?

James Araujo - MIK Team

Hey Nick,

I am really sorry about that. We've heard about this issue before. We’re still working on fixing the problem and in conversation with Steinberg and PreSonus about possible solutions. The issue is complicated, and fixes that work in small examples don’t always work in a big Captain plugin.

If you want a refund, I completely understand. You can email us at if that's the case :)


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