So it's no surprised I have a large music collection. I've owned MIK since back in 6 or 7 times, and use it whenever I get new tracks to add to my collection.

After a reinstall of windows ages ago I noticed that booting MIK 8 has been tedious. Takes a long time to get the program to open, takes a long time for it to change tabs, takes a long time to analyze a single song (timed it to an average of 4 minutes or more). I simply don't have time for that when I'm getting ready for a gig super quickly.

I noticed TONS of other posts here and using google search of people saying the same thing and getting the same response... "Delete the collection file" well I have in fact... 6 times now, 7 times I reinstalled the program all of those times I went through the windows registry to make sure every trace of it was gone.

After a fresh reinstall and boot, same issues...

Now I have a pretty great PC made for 3d modeling and high end gaming in mind. i7, 2 AMD Radeon 580s, 32 gb of ram... On booting the program I watch how it handles CPU and it sticks to around 1 to 2 percent before dropping to 0, uses up only 120,000 K of ram or so, and absolutely nothing happens. I can't even get the stupid thing to let me put in my code, and in the rare chances I do I can't change my settings.

Will there ever be a fix, or update?


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