Nicolas Gerolin

I have both lasts versions of MIK & Traktor Pro. MacbookPro and last macOS 10.13.3. This problem appeared on previous version of macOS.
Since many months, I have problems to import tracks from MIK to Traktor Pro.
The only solution (all others fail...) is :
1) Import tracks in Traktor - Analyze ALL - Parallel Processing
2) Quit Traktor and wait (!) Traktor is really off
3) Open MIK, delete from collection all previous tracks
4) Open new tracks - Analyze
5) Re-analyze all tracks
6) Quit MIK and wait (!) MIK is really of
7) Open Traktor - No Key and no Energy in Comment Field
8) Select tracks and make a "Check Consistency"
9) Now, Key and Energy appears in Comment Field - BUT HOTCUES !
10) Quit Traktor and wait (!) Traktor is really off
11) Open MIK, go to Settings / Update Tags -> Re-tag existing files, after Export Cue Points / Export Cue Points for Existing Files
12) Quit MIK
13) Open Traktor and now always is OK ..... Huchhhh !!!!

Anyone has a solution ?

James Araujo - MIK Team

Hey Nico,

Can you please follow this troubleshooting guide and let me know if it helps?

Nicolas Gerolin

Hi James,
I follow the troubleshooting guide and it isn't help me ....
Le me know how you could help me, please.

MixMaster G

Hey Nico,

The explanation of your problem is in this video:

It is not really a MiK or Traktor bug, but more how Traktor is designed to handle meta data. The core of your problem is with the modification date.

This app will help you out, it does a bit more then just enabling the MiK cues :)


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