I am planning to buy PNs and have a few questions regarding my existing tracks in Serato.

I have already analyzed my tracks int MK, imported them into Serato, and set up my cue points and beatgrids.

if I run these tracks through PNs again, do i have to repeat all these - set my cue points, beatgrids, etc, if I analyze the files in Serato again?

And should I turn off Serato’s autogain feature once I use PN?

Thanks -:PS

James Araujo - MIK Team

Hey there,

If you run Platinum Notes on music that already has Cue points, you’ll have to re-do them manually afterward. We always recommend running files through Platinum Notes first, then adding them to your favorite DJ software. It’s always the first step in my music preparation chain :)

You are also correct that it's recommended to leave Serato's autogain feature disabled when using PN files.


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