It would be nice if there is fast menu option to force the analyzed bpm to be half or doubled..

Ie. sometimes if the detected BPM is 85.6 but if I know it's 171.2 , it would be nice to have fast way to double the value through for example menu option or in the song info dialog.

The song info dialog should also show the BPM with the digit.

So if the BPM is analyzed wrong in mixedinkey/flow, it could be usefull to force it to be half/double.

James Araujo - MIK Team

Hey there,

I can definitely see how this feature would be useful. I’ve just added to our Wishlist and we will keep in mind for future development plans for sure.

What else would you like us to improve? We're open to ideas, and our software will evolve and become better with your feedback. Let us know if anything else comes to mind :)


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