Hi, I have a question, I used Mixed-in-Key to analyze some tracks but the analysis results do not show up on Traktor.
My software versions are:

  • Traktor Pro 2.11.2 11
  • Mixed-in-Key

I followed the following steps:

  1. Load tracks on Traktor
  2. Analyze (BPM and Set Beatgrid only)
  3. Close Traktor
  4. Configure Mixed-In-Key according to the tutorial
  5. Import tracks on Mixed-in-Key and analyze
  6. Reopen Traktor and Check Consistency

But the analysis results do not show up on comments or in the Key field ("None" appears).

The weird thing is, opening one of the tracks with a tag editor shows the special tags with data and the cue points determined by Mixed-in-Key appear on Traktor.

James Araujo - MIK Team

Hey Lester,

Can you please follow this troubleshooting tutorial and let me know if it helps solve this issue?


Hi, I tried the suggestions in that post but no dice. Very few tracks show the comments and metadata, but all of them show the cue points.


MixMaster G

Hey Lester,
I just gave this anwer to Nico, but it applies to you as well.

The explanation of your problem is in this video:

It is not really a MiK or Traktor bug, but more how Traktor is designed to handle meta data. The core of your problem is with the modification date.

if you are on MacOS this app will help you out, it does a bit more then just enabling the MiK cues :)


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