Been using Propellerhead products since the ReBirth days. So obviously Reason is the only DAW I intend to use. Currently running Reason 10.0.3d21 Build 9,172 on Windows 10 x64. Captain Play & Captain Chords are detected, load & function (Mostly). However nothing else is detected properly or loads. At first I thought it an activation issue. So I activated & test drove the plugin a bit. Enabled the faulty plugins & tried again. I have initiated several power cycles, uninstalling/reinstalling & derping through documentation. I know it's not an issue with hardware level incompatibility. Running a Core i7-7700HQ, 32GB RAM & a GTX 1050. There's also several terabytes of diskspace. I'm at a loss, if this can't be resolved within the trial/refund period. I'll be looking to get my money back & chalking this up as a failed product.

I've attached an image with the error message, Reason's plugin manager & the only mention of the error in their documentation. Mostly interested in getting Captain Melody to function properly, if at all. I'd appreciate any insight.

As a side note, Captain Chords also isn't recognized as a midi channel. So midi related output and/or external synths have to be played via exported midi. Which I'm honestly okay with. Just thought I'd mention it as well. In case someone else takes issue with that.



Went back & paid a little more attention to what I just paid for. I see now that the other plugins aren't available for Windows yet & Chords itself is still in beta. I am curious as to why there's 4 additional .dll files that my DAW is trying to load as a VST & failing. Are these place holders or does Chords require external references?


Hi Neastrum,

I am in a situation just like yours. I am using Reason 10.1d160, Build 9239 on Windows 10 x64, 1803, 17134.48.
I received exactly the same message as you and Captain Chords is working well.
But in my case Captain Play isn't.
I can't use my PC keyboard to play the notes in the QWERTY.
Everytime I try to use keyboard QWERTY to play some chords, is Reason that receives these actions.

I understood that you had not this problem. That your Captain Play is working well.
Did you do anything diferente (from simple installation) in order to achieve this or not!?

Thanx in advance


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