I expected with the new update the bug is fixed , but...... same problem , when i open on ableton captain chord, the screen of captain chord it's crashed, when i press play i listen the sound coming from, but i cant work whit the page crashed, and it's' the same with captain melody captain bass ecc... i dont want a refund i want to work on my music,with these vst,i want to resolve that thing ,
Please don't explain to me , i do it again and again , i know i have to delete and reinstalled the update,i do evrything, i doing but doesn't work.
You say to wait the new update and this is the result i want a fast solution , I WANT TO WORK ON MY MUSIC NOT TO WAIT

James Araujo - MIK Team


I am really sorry to hear that.

Can you please email us at with your VIP Code? I will have our developers take a deeper look into this. It should be happening at all.


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