Looking for a tool that I can use to create piano riffs with Ableton Live . What do I use, Odesi or Captain Plugin?

Unless i'm mistaken, I can use either for the task. I have limited/little music theory knowledge so which one is best?

James Araujo - MIK Team

Hey George,

Odesi is a really good self-contained package when you need to work on music and don't want to spend hours creating the perfect kick/snare combo, it's an ultra-fast sketchpad to get your ideas flowing. Meanwhile, Captain Plugins can be used inside your DAW, and they have very specific functions: to write chord progressions, basslines, melodies, hooks, beats, and much more. They are designed to fit into the VST plugin workflow inside your DAW :)


Captain Chords is amazing on its own. I’ve been using it since it first dropped with only Major and Minor scales available. It’s very flexible with different workflows in terms of how you integrate it with your DAW. For example, I mostly use Ableton Live and can either drag and drop progressions from the VST screen to any MIDI channel, or route a Captain Plugin to play through a VST on another channel. I’ve used both methods plenty of times depending on the context of the project.

However, I recently grew impatient about the features in Odesi that aren’t yet available through the Captain Plugins and pulled the trigger. I wish there had been a discount for Captain buyers, but tbh I consider it money well spent. The only potential downside is having to export midi from a standalone app and THEN open it in Ableton. It’s a blessing in disguise though, as I tend to focus on pure composition more easily when it’s separated from all of my sound design/mix/etc tools. Also, Odesi has much more freedom for customization than the current Captain Plugins. This is supposed to change later, though, so keep that in mind.

Being able to fine-tune rhythms and pitch templates, and load them from Captain Plugins has been priceless. Maybe they’ll render Odesi less useful as features are ported to the Captain series, but I’ll still put it to work from my mobile devices via the iOS app and browser app, a luxury I’m not sure I’ll have with Captain Plugins.

I realize it sounds shilly, and I never thought I’d show love to software that relies on cloud servers, but they really hit a home run with this. All I’m missing is my freedom to make custom scale templates + save my edited drum patterns as presets.

TL;DR: For Ableton integration, you’ll want Captain Plugins. For a more feature-rich composing toolkit, Odesi’s the move. If they drop a deal for both, go for that; you’ll be shocked at how much they compliment each other.

James Araujo - MIK Team

Thanks a lot for your positive feedback.

Version 2.0 of Captain Plugins is just around the corner and will have some of the missing features you mentioned and much more. It will be a free upgrade for all current users ;)


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