there is no sound coming out of chords or play on my mac running 10.12.16 everything is correctly installed and verified. DAW is FL 20 maybe that is the issue?
I had it working great on my windows 10 using fl 12. switched over to mac and nothing works . please help

James Araujo - MIK Team


Thanks for the feedback.

We've heard about this issue from users over the weekend. Our developers were able to reproduce the issue on their end and will get it fixed ASAP :)


YES. Thank you very much for looking for answerer this issue. I Use FL studio and Logic but for the last 3-4weeks jut using fl studio. All my Captain vst doest this issue with no sound or/and the VST does not start when I hit play. The answer and the quick fix is I have AU/VST of captain VST..... I normally been using the AU version but now that gave me those issues I disused above. After this for 30 min I realized to try the VST versions and it all works great now.Thank you. Smoka 🏛


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