Is the Captain plugin incomplete?
I am considering a refund now.

1, I can not import MIDI files.
2, I can not edit MIDI on the Captain plugin. (Fatal)
3, it does not support chord progression like Cubase chord assistant.(Preset of basic chord progression only)
4, Rhythm and pitch preset names are not divided by category or genre.

It is fatal that I can not edit the piano roll on the Captain plugin.
Software for such support must be able to select and edit many chord progression, pitch, rhythm presets.

I want you to add many chord progression, pitch, rhythm. (It may be charged for course)
Then I can shorten the time by editing it.

If I botherly record in real time with the keyboard of Captain plugin,
I will start working only with DAW.

Why did you make Captain plugin?
If it can not edit just by selecting a preset,
I feel like Odesi software is enough.


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