Traktor will not show updated tags. I spent 4 hours going over tutorials, settings and forums and finally managed to get the cue points to show up but the tags are all over the place. In the photo below you will see 4 tacks all from the same collection, processed at the same time with the same tag settings, all have cues(so i know they have been processed by mik as none of my tracks had existing cues) but also all 4 tracks show different or no tag info (key and energy# in artist/key and energy# in song title/key and word"energy"+# in song title/no key or energy info). I'm aware that this different information is showing up because I have changed the tag options to find what suites me(and to attempt to fix the problem) but my question is why have all the tracks not updated together? I purchased this software to make my collection more organized and save time but so far it's having the opposite effect, please help.

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MixMaster G

this video has most likely the answers to your questions, and why it's not easy to fix
The video could do with a more flashy update but the theory in it is still very valid


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