Hey Guys,

I want to have my music set up where the flats key format is in the key tag column and the camelot and BPM are in front of the track: i.e 1A - 126.0 - Weed Killer, Key Abm. I uncheck the box for update "initial Key" and analyse but it replaces the tag in the key column to Camelot anyway.

When I do the reverse Im able to achieve the following Abm - 126.0 - Weed Killer, Key: 1A.

Is it not possible to set up as the former? reason Im asking is my CDJ's dont recognize camelot in the key folder structure.....

Any help appreciated.



Never mind worked it out. I didn't realize the Key Text was its own field and not representative of key as it appears in Rekordbox!

Edit: also didnt know that if I scrolled far enough down in the keys of my CDJ's I'd eventually get to the Camelot numbers, all problems solved ha


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