This is an amazing tool. Ive had for a day and have already gotten into a good workflow with it which is great. But this online only thing...cmon. my internet is in and out. Once it starts goin out it just slows down the process and becomes annoying. I dont need another splice. The reason I use this is get off to a quick start but the internet can be unforgiving at times. and using this tool just becomes useless. give me something that works in the box without having to be connected. I dont connect to wifi in the studios because its just a distraction from actually working and that also doesn't help.

Im definitely gonna be use it for a little but ill be returning it based off of that. If they ever change it to offline I will happily repurchase. As of now y'all lost me :(

yours truly,
happy/sad customer


I agree no off line no sale..


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