Hello Support Team,

I have the following problem. After that, after MIK, I ran through my songs in MIK: * Fix with Platinum Notes. "However, I noticed now that the program breaks some songs, eg OT Genasis - Coco (Clean) .mp3 The song is after 1:14 dead. (Volume) in Platinum Notes on the song. -11,1dB> -1,9 dB

James Araujo - MIK Team


Have you tried to reanalyze the song in Platinum Notes?

Also, check it out this tutorial.

I think it will help on your workflow using Mixed In Key and Platinum Notes :)


Should one go through all the music with PN?


To me boying this software was a major error.
After reading good reviews...
I wanted to do my collection of carefully crafted MP3 files and all are years Ok, textwise OK, Audio OK.
After running Platinum Nots like 20x on 4 different computers...
It gets stuck all the time, it does not finish audio leave empty spaces.
Like from 20 runs maybe 1 is good. Processing like 100 files of audio is like you have to CHECK each of them.
PN like destroys faulty writed many files like 10 out of 100...
I cannot offcourse listen to all my files again if it is written ok...


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