Will Love

Every genre of EDM with a broken beat have BPMs that when analyzed can come out in one of two ways. The correct tempo or exactly half of the correct tempo.

Examples of this are:

  • DrumnBass = 174 BPM / 87 BPM
  • BrokenBeat = 140 BPM / 70 BPM

Up until now, every iOS app, Android, MacOS and Windows DJ program I've came across allows one if not two things to happen in this case.

You can...

A) Mix them normally because even an iphone app is smart enough to know that 70 BPM divides equally into 140 BPM, thus allowing you to mix normally. and doesn't Alvin and the
B) Allows you to correct the BPM with a one click button either dividing or doubling the BPM to allow for a mix without Alvin and The Chipmunks guest-starring on the MIC.

Why on earth did this 'ever so advanced' DJ app leave the one feature I have never seem absent in any DJ software on any platform, ever?

I even exported the tunes, re-analyzed them in MIK which corrected the BPMs, the imported back into flow and it perma-screwed them again.

I don't DJ straight beat. Not house, not techno, nada. This affects every style I'd ever use this with.

Please either lie to me and tell me this is getting worked on, or forward this up to the developers that hate break beats so they can implement this VERY easy fix?

(Please note no developers were harmed in the making of this post. Sarcasm and lack of whit are my trademarks. Thanks)

Yakov (Mixed In Key)

Hey Will, I appreciate your feedback. Just to make sure, are we talking about Mixed In Key, Flow, Mashup, or something else? We have a lot of different software now, and it all handles tempo variation and tempo half-time a little bit differently. I just want to know exactly what software + OS combo you use


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