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So as a Windows user, I'm not sure if this concept is even in other unreleased VST's like Melody, but I was wondering if a Captain Arp is in the works?

It would be nice to have a VST that like Chords had a whole bank of Arp patterns that you could plug in to the track you're working on. It would have options that would allow you to do things like select the octave range of the arp, the number of steps in the pattern, the number of notes you'd like, swing and clock time, etc.

Anyway, I'd like to hear your thoughts on the matter (or who knows, it may already be in the works).


Randy Waugh

I'd like this as well!!! It'd be incredibly useful! Did you get an answer on this?


I think alike, something like Cthululu de xfer but more complex, in chords is not well implemented or in melody

James Araujo - MIK Team

Hi all,

We've had some requests for a "Captain Arp" plugin in the past. We have not started developing it, but we are definitely taking into consideration doing so and we will keep you guys updated on this :)


That would be awesome. Especially for me since Im doing these classic trance tunes ;)


They still need to get Capt.Melody up to scratch, and then they have to develop Capt.Hook.
So I think that Arp would be down the list.
Good idea though, but development of Melody has been so slow and frustrating that I rarely fire up Capt.Chords now.


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