First off, I love the product. So simple and elegant.

But now to my challenge. If I for an example want to try out a pluck inside the song It might be that the playhead is one or more bar of. So my chords start at 18 but in the melody box it say its bar 2. So playing it will of course make a non match between these.

Haven't found any way to sync the playhead in Captain plugins to say like here I want it to start. The only way now is to create one. Then drag the midi out to try if it sounds good or not.
Hope there is nice workaround to this.

James Araujo - MIK Team


It’s more of just how the plugin works with looping. If you have a 3-bar progression, it’s going to loop every three bars. If you have a 4-bar progression, it’s going to loop every four bars. So if you create a loop point in your DAW and then start changing how long your progression is, that loop point is going to loop around a different chunk of that progression.

You can also try to add "Rest" to the progression to help you with that. 

Let me know if it helps :)


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