Hey Y'all,

Brand new user to Captain Chords & I'm excited.

Here's an idea for a feature i'd like to pitch to y'all:

If we could drop a Key Signature Marker in the verse/pre-chorus/chorus/drop section like how one adds Time Signature Markers in Ableton live - that opens up a lot possibilities for modulations or just quick use of a good chord that is borrowed from another key or mode. The Marker could ID what the signature is for just that section & as we move the playhead to the different sections we could get feedback on what key is currently active.

This opens up captain chords to sophisticated "oliver's army" style SONGS or extended jazz & progressive rather than just one-key beats.

Thanks for listening! -Brooks

James Araujo - MIK Team

Hey Brooks,

I've replied to your email earlier today :)

Thanks for your suggestion. It's a great idea. We will definitely keep it in mind for future updates.


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