What is the maximum number of files that PN4 can process at one time?
It seems to crash when putting too many.
My current system runs windows 10, 64 GB of RAM, intel i7 and all SSDs.

James Araujo - MIK Team


We don't have a limit of files that you can add, especially due to the fact that PN does not analyze them all at once. So, it should not be causing the crash.

Perhaps, some specific files are causing the crash, so I suggest adding a smaller batch to make it easier to pinpoint the folder or file causing the crash.

Let me know how that goes :)


I have a server running windows 2016, 48gb ram, 2x Xeon 3.4ghz processors.

and having the same issue, i'll leave it running all day, and i'll come back and find PN closed, its hapend a couple of times.



Same issue in my case -
Dell XPS 15-9560 / 15,6" Full-HD / Core i7-7700HQ / 16GB RAM / 512GB SSD / GTX 1050 / Win10 - Software up to date.
Problem seems to be randomly.
Sometimes 1400 songs without problems - but then after 260 of 613 files the program closes - without error-log in the App-Data or any other message.
I restarted the laptop and re-did the 613 files again after deleting the "old" files - no issues.
Makes the debugging very hard....


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