Taking Tracks from iTunes -> MIK

For Example (All tracks imported to iTunes in 2017) -> Take all via Drag And Drop (maybe 300 Songs) into MIK -> Tracks which are analysed 256 or more or less. Not the same number as Copied from iTunes. What ist the problem?
Want to take my music to MIK -> than on a USB Drive -> No way when i´m loosing more than 10% off my tracks

Want to do the same with my Sample Library -> No way

James Araujo - MIK Team


There could be some broken filepaths in your iTunes library, it would still count those files as part of your iTunes collection but they wouldn't be added to MIK since the filepath would be broken. If you select all of the files in iTunes and drag them over to MIK it will skip the already analyzed files that exist in your collection and if it was just a glitch that they weren't originally added to MIK's collection so that would be your next step. Other than that I would try to locate a few of the files that aren't part of MIK's collections and try to figure out what is different about them compared to the files that were added.

Let me know if it helps :)


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