My biggest problem with the BPM analysis is that it incorrectly halves or doubles the BPM of my music. This is particularly problematic with dub and drum&bass. Too much math goes into manually correcting the BPM in the Edit Song Details window. This takes up a lot of time when it's happening to many tracks. Restricting the BPM tempo range in the settings doesn't help because then I'm forcing the analysis to give a fast song a slow BPM or a slow song a fast BPM.

PLEASE, make two buttons that will *2 the bpm or /2 the bpm in the Edit Song Details window. This way I can quickly fix the BPM and move on.

James Araujo - MIK Team


Thanks for your suggestion.

We will definitely keep in mind adding buttons to half or double the detected BPM of a song. Our developers will take your suggestion into consideration as they work on new updates :)


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