dave.arnatt to Captain Chords. When I create a series of chords based on the underlying song and try to play everything back, Captain Chords starts playing from the wrong bar. Example (I am using Logic Pro X):

  • Create an 8 bar progression for a Chorus
  • Put the playhead back to the start of the Chorus
  • Press "Play" in the DAW
  • Chorus plays correctly form the first bar BUT Captain Chords starts at the second bar, not the first

Not sure what to do...

James Araujo - MIK Team

Hey Dave,

It’s more of just how the plugin works with looping. If you have a 3-bar progression, it’s going to loop every three bars. If you have a 4-bar progression, it’s going to loop every four bars. So if you create a loop point in your DAW and then start changing how long your progression is, that loop point is going to loop around a different chunk of that progression.

You can also try to add "Rest" to the progression to help you with that. 

Let me know how it goes :)


Thanks James;

I understand this now (I think) so that if the progression is 8 bars long, the playhead needs to be on bar 8, 16, 24, etc for Captain Chords to start playing at the beginning of the progression.

That means that if I am creating an 8 bar Chorus and want to hear Captn Chords playing with the rest of the instruments (isn't that the whole point?) I need to make sure my Choruses start on bar 8, 16, 24, etc. Thinking through the math and how songs are structured, this does not seem very realistic.

I would like to know how people are using Captn Chords to create a song. I get how to use it from the very beginning and you just build sections at a time (Verse, Chorus, etc). But it seems very odd that you can't use it once the song structure is set. What am I missing?


I am having the same issue. I do not have this problem with Superior Drummer, Ez Keys, Kontakt or any other VST plug in instruments. This is extremely frustrating.



I cannot even get Captain Chords to line up with the first bar that I am working from. So if I am at bar 57 in Logic, CC starts at bar 1 beat 2. It never lines up correctly and plays back all over the place. I do not have this issue with Superior Drummer or EZ Keys. I am so frustrated with this aspect of the software, that I will not use it right now. It is too difficult to use with music already written. I get that this is not an expensive program, however, it has such potential. This software needs some work.


Just bought this, and I immediately ran into this issue. It's incredibly frustrating and weird. Just start playback from the beginning of the section each time, or put a checkbox so I can choose that expected behavior.

Having the Prechorus place its playhead on its second bar, when i start playback on bar 20, just because it's a 3-bar prechorus is super arbitrary. And adding the rest causes the start point to jump, so you have to guess what to add just so that you can get it to start somewhere you expect. Nobody wants to design their songs like that. Has anyone from mixed in key actually used this software to create a song? How did this get past... anybody? At the very least this should be documented on the how to use page. This behavior is so surprising and tough to troubleshoot that I expect it will stop people from using the software altogether. It just looks like it's broken.


Having same issue and it is driving me CRAZY!!
Working on a song in Logic Pro X - 8 bar Chorus starts on measure 19 - I have the chords built in CC.
Starting playback at the beginning of the chorus in LPX - CC starts at Bar 6. This makes no sense whatsoever.
Trying to use CC with CM or CD - to test melodies or bass lines is impossible.
MIK needs to add an option to start playback at bar 1 within CC/CM/CD -no matter what- and let the user decide how to make it work.
The current functionality is inscrutable and frankly bizarre.


Hello Mixed-In-Key support!

Any update for us? I would be happy if you added the option to ignore host and always start playback within the MIK plugins from "bar 1" of whatever pattern you are working on.
Thank you!


This is annoying me as well. I was taught to start my production on the 2 bar instead of the 1 bar because it gives your audio interface and DAW a "heads up" and also lets you do lead-in effects before the actual first count of your song. So, my loop for writing in my DAW is set to bars 2 - 10 not 1 - 8. This mean that the CC interface shows a four bar progression but the start is on 2 when it should ALWAYS start at 1 - ya know, the beginning.

I experienced this before, but only when syncing an external sequencer. I imagine that's where the issue lies. CC (which has it's own sequencer) needs to be able to see where the Master sequencer in the DAW is. My DAW is at measure 2 so CC thinks it should be at measure 2. The difference being that measure two in my DAW is actually the beginning of my song but in CC its just the second measure and CC is skipping the first measure. The Looperator VST has this issue as well.

Luckily I can just write most of my chords at the beginning of my production by setting my loop area to bars 1 - 8 then bounce those as wavs and shift my song back to bars 2 - 8 when I'm ready to move on. Also, dragging the final chord progression into your DAW after your happy with it pretty much leaves this problem behind you as far as production goes.


Having the same issue. Why is there no solution? Makes the app completely useless. My thread:

How do you force Captain Chords to play from the first measure I've created? I have four measures, and it keeps starting on the second one. It will even change to a later one when I add additional chords. It's like you can't force the playback head back to the start. This is unbelievably annoying. What am I doing wrong? You should be able to start from wherever you determine. Can someone help? Thanks.


Same issue


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