By coincidence I spotted Energy level differences based upon file format.
The songs are exactly the same, just different file format. In this case FLAC and MP3.

I couldnt spot a pattern in this.
Sometimes the FLAC file is rated more energy, sometimes the MP3 file is rated more energy.
But it happens everytime I do some analysis batch.

Shouldn't the energy level be the same?
And not depend on the specific file format MIK analyses?

Mind you, this happens in the latest version, but previous version aswell.

See examples below.
Pax - Over Me [Energy level 6] (FLAC)
Pax - Over Me [Energy level 5] (MP3)

Isolée - Pisco [Energy level 5] (FLAC)
Isolée - Pisco [Energy level 6] (MP3)

Mr. ID/Kawtar Sidik - Salat Al Nabina (Sifa Remix) [Energy level 5] (FLAC)
Mr. ID/Kawtar Sidik - Salat Al Nabina (Sifa Remix) [Energy level 4] (MP3)

Image Text


Tried again by re-analyzing those same songs with v8.5.2234.0 (latest update) and issue remains.

James Araujo - MIK Team


Thanks for informing us about this.

I just passed this information to our Quality Assurance/alpha tester Alex, and he is going to take a look into this ASAP. 


It's been almost a month by now...
Any news yet?

If you want - for proper testing-material - I can share these files with you guys.

James Araujo - MIK Team


Can you please send the files to ?

It will definitely help us as we try to reproduce this issue.




It's been more than a month by now...
Last mail feedback was that you guys couldnt reproduce the issue on MAC.

Have you guys tried it out on PC by now?
What's the outcome?


It's been 2 weeks after my last bump with a simple question what the outcome is on PC side, regarding differences in energy-level.
1,5 month ago, I've uploaded you the same files to check, which u guys did on MAC.
The outcome was, that there wasn't any energy-level differences (good!)

But on PC, I do have these differences...
Once again, I'm asking what is the outcome on PC side at your HQ?

...That this simple test is taking 1,5 month by now is puzzling me.


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